Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Our democracy is at risk’: Watch Rep. Al Green call for Trump’s impeachment on 2017




Reminder: On May 17, Representative Green made a call for impeachment on the house floor and House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) announced that he was issuing subpoenas on the memo FBI director James Comey wrote detailing possible obstruction of justice by the president.

Since coming out in favor of impeachment, Green told BuzzFeed News that he has faced threats and has had to hire armed security. “For some of us this is about more than votes and Congress,” he said over the phone Tuesday. “For some of us, this is about physical harm that may befall us. You can’t go into my district office unless you see a person with a gun,” he added (referring to security guards).

Green has repeatedly pushed for the inclusion of an impeachment article that addresses Trump’s history of racism, telling BuzzFeed News in September, that he hoped there would be “be at least one article of impeachment concerning the president’s bigotry infused into policy that is harming our society.”

The First Democrat To Call For Impeachment Says If The Senate Won’t Remove Trump From Office, Democrats Can Try Again

WASHINGTON – In May of 2017, Texas Rep. Al Green became the first Democrat in Congress to support impeaching President Donald Trump. Trump had, at the time, been in office for just four months. Since then, he’s forced a House vote on impeachment three times, each one garnering more support than the last.

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