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How to Drive Traffic To Your Blog – Best Strategies in 2022

Learn how to drive traffic for your blog

Hey, the Awakening! You will not have a functional site if you just wait for someone to visit your blog just like that. Like me, as I waited a few years and I didn’t understand why I didn’t get traffic to my site?

”What the hell is going on, no one comes to read my articles, which I was proud of, but they weren’t even SEO optimized, because I didn’t really know anything about SEO! ( please don’t laugh out loud – I think many were like me )”

So first I went to Fiverr – the biggest nonsense I’ve ever done.

Please, YOU don’t do that, it’s a waste of time and money! Never buy automated traffic that is produced by software! Never buy traffic that is not genuine!

I bought traffic from whoever I could, they made me sure that the traffic was real, with real visitors, and then I saw that after the paid period is gone, I was left with 0 traffic, and there was a spam that did more harm than good to my blog.

website traffic down

Traffic is the engine of your site. You have traffic, you can make money and make your blog famous, increase its value. So, you have genuine visitors, you will definitely have customers, and you will make money with your shop ar with Google AdSense or another advertizer.

If you are simply waiting for visitors to come to your site, you will never win the competition on the internet in terms of ranking. You have traffic to your blog, well, then surely someone orders the products or services you sell.

There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog, and you can use them as you already know (if you didn’t already know):

Paid traffic

Can be brought through PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns such as Google Adwords or Facebook campaigns, other pay per click link campaigns such as Propeller Ads, Adcash, and many more, which you can find easily by searching on google search engine.

Organic traffic

Which comes from applied SEO strategies when you post an article, and traffic comes directly from search engine results (eg,

Offline traffic

This is a drive traffic method by which you bring to the site people who see your advertisement from the offline environment (street banners, business cards, leaflets, personalized products, etc.).

Drive trafic to your blog

This is local traffic, from local visitors, from where you live. In addition to street banners or business cards, you can easily register your online business on Google My Business, and it will appear in local search engines.

Create quality content for your blog

So first of all create quality content for your blog and don’t forget about SEO. If you don’t know anything about SEO, and you have no experience in it, look for and learn from tutorials on Youtube, or online SEO lessons, don’t forget that no one was born learned.

paid traffic,organic traffic,Increase Blog Traffic

To drive traffic to your blog, remember the content of your blog is the most important thing for the search engine but also for the visitors of your site.

If you provide value through what you publish on the site, through your articles, visitors will read it and recommend it further without you even asking them to do so.

If they like what they read, they will definitely recommend your blog, simply because they find it useful. Write good quality articles, without being copied and scraped by other sites, and you will have free traffic from social networks.

Rules to follow

If you have the ability to comment on articles on your blog, answer any questions you receive. Answer correctly and documented. Don’t contradict! Try to have a constructive dialogue.

It is preferable to post regularly, at least once a week, so that your readers know when a new article will appear. Helps the reader distribute content.

For this, you can install plugins or extensions in your blog. The most popular is AddThis. If you use WordPress, you can search directly in the WordPress platform for the plugin that fits your blog. But don’t forget that for this you need to have a  business plan on the WordPress platform. 

The importance of Guest Posts to drive traffic to your blog

Another way to drive traffic to your blog is Guest Posts. Writing articles for other sites seem daunting at first, especially if you think you have extra work and writing articles for other sites, just to get a backlink. And is free work…

Well, stop thinking that!

If you take advantage of this strategy to promote your blog, then you will realize that it is worth investing in this direction.

Guest posts – means to publish a quality article on another site, a site with considerable traffic that is accessed by people interested in your field of activity.

Advantages of Guest posts

  • You get free quality links to your site – backlinks;
  • If the written article is of good quality, readers will send it to others;
  • You get free, quality, targeted traffic to your blog;

Find sites that accept guest posts and then contact the sites you find and suggest them to publish your article. Try to contact the site administrator and show them that you are interested in posting a quality article on their site.

We also offer Guest Posts!

Compose a quality article and prepare the best article you can make. Not all sites have the same terms and conditions to write Guest posts. Read the terms and conditions of guest posts on the site where you want to publish your article.

Don’t forget that your article must be documented with concrete data and credible sources, have pictures, possibly videos, or quality images. Write it in such a way that it is interesting to readers.

Don’t forget to link to your site. This is the main thing that interests you to get it from your publication.

Create and publish a video on YouTube to drive traffic to your blog

It is one of the powerful SEO promotion methods that can bring you a lot of visitors.

How maybe you know, YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. People are looking for video explanations or solutions to their problems, such as tutorials.

Let’s take an example of a YouTube tutorial, such as SEO explanation:

Be as inventive as possible, just as there is competition in the Google search engine, so is Youtube. If you have a blog about weight loss, fitness, eCommerce, marketing, gadgets, pets then think of some videos to complement your articles.

Create videos and post them on YouTube, Vimeo, or DTube. Include those videos in the articles and then share the link with the newly created video on social networks.

Note: Sure, you could say, uh what a job, but I tell you it’s worth the effort.
If you already know these methods mentioned in this article, maybe you know others that are not mentioned here and I would ask you to share them with us.


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