Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Do we love animals or do we not care?

Do we love animals or do we not care?

Do we love animals? If Yes, you know that Cats are very cute, and they are also really great pets as they know how to take care of themselves and don’t need much help from their humans. Cats know how to clean up after themselves and also to survive without much help from their humans. This is why they make the perfect pet because they can care for themselves. However, they still make themselves cozy and comfortable with their owners.

Jack’s sad story

Jack was found at the door along with other stray cats in front of my door, along with around 3-5 cats from the street waiting for me to feed them.
It was a small one, thin, dirty, and with a swollen eye. I fed them, and I thought it was ok, he will stay with the other stray cats, and he will wait every night, with the other cats, for me to feed them. But my conscience did not let me leave him on the street, even though my house and garden are full of cats. No, they are not purebred, they are cats rescued from the street (around 15 cats).
So I went out into the street and found him crouched at the gate.

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