My Sweet Cat KIki is very funny


Holy Meow!

My Sweet Cat Kiki is very funny. Cats have a reputation of being fussy, picky, and sometimes downright mystical. Cat behaviors that lead people to such opinions are often due to their instincts. Your cat could pee in the potted plant and ignore her litter box when it is less than 10 feet away!

Why is her name Kiki?

I gave her the name Kiki because she’s a stuttering cat. Yes, you read that right, it’s a stuttering cat. Unbelievable, but true. her meowing is very long and intermittent, as you can hear in the video. she is always cheerful and playful. She gets bored of her toys quickly, that’s why we always buy new and cheap toys. 

Cats are notoriously independent creatures, so it can be hard to conceive of them suffering from anything like separation anxiety. However, cats are still social pets that form a solid bond with their owners, and they don’t like change.

Cats have always been mysterious creatures, sacred in many cultures. Most of their habits are beginning to be elucidated by science.

Here are some examples:

  • The fact that cats were worshiped in Egypt is universally known, but they were also declared sacred in Japan around the year 1000, according to Cats International.
  • Cats can see at night 5 times better than humans – especially if the target is moving – even if they cannot distinguish as many colors as the human eye.
  • A healthy domestic cat can reach speeds of 31 km / h, but cannot maintain such a pace for more than 1 minute.
  • Cats can jump 5 times their body length. In human terms, it would be the equivalent of a jump the length of a pool.
  • A healthy adult cat spends about 15% of its time in a deep sleep, 50% in light sleep, and 35% awake. This program is made possible by the ability of cats to become alert at full capacity immediately after waking up. The sections in a cat’s brain responsible for understanding, filtering, and managing emotions correspond to those in the human brain.
  • A cat has 244 bones in its body (unlike humans, which have 206). They have 60 vertebrae, and 20 of these bones are located in the tail, for flexibility.
  • Cats are most active in the morning and evening (sunrise and sunset) because they are the best times to hunt.
  • Cats are born with 26 baby teeth, replaced by 30 permanent teeth as they grow.
  • Most adult cats do not have the enzyme needed to digest milk.

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