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Your brain’s wellness determines your overall fitness.




Your brain is the center of almost all activities in a normal human being. It is connected to your heart, your thinking mind and all organs in the body. With the right nutrition and physical fitness shaped by an exercise routine, you have a winning brain fitness formula. By improving the health of your brain through fitness exercises amongst other activities, you improve the overall fitness of your anatomy and here is why:

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Your brain’s wellness improves your overall anatomy.

The healthy brain is one step to mental wellness

What is wellness without a healthy brain? There seems to be no existence to health and fitness without a healthy brain as the brain controls activities performed by your body from thoughts, actions you take, emotions and decisions you make. When the brain is well taken care of and engaged in enough brain exercise activities, the brain is stimulated.

Your ability to comprehend information, interpret it and also be able to relay information depends on the well being of your rain. Get into the habit of engaging in activities that will stimulate your brain so that you can be able to calculate numbers with ease. There are many board games you may lay to play to exercise your brain to keep it active such as chess.

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Neurons should be in proper condition for one to perform physical exercises.

The brain’s wellness determines the performance of physical activities

You cannot even lift a finger if neurons at in your system cannot send signals to your brain to initiate basic actions. The brain comprises billions of nerve cells that must be in proper condition for a human being to perform everyday physical fitness exercises.

The overall brain’s fitness stimulates the brain’s neurons and this depends on the physical fitness and nutrition of the brain to carry out any activity. Physical fitness such as exercise including yoga which improves the brain’s wellness by releasing hormones called the plethora which aid and nourish the environment for the growth of brain cells.

Emotional wellness

Just as the bran is connected to various parts of your body, it is also connected to the heart. The part of the brain which is connected to the heart is responsible for the heart’s stimuli to the external environment. How you feel, your moods and overall emotional well being are related to the health of your brain.

Fitness exercises release happy hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Some foods affect your moods and eventually your emotional well being because of their nutrition quality, be acquainted of what you put in your body.



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