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When People Get Their Freedom Back




How and When People Can Get Their Freedom Back?

How and When do people get their freedom back? To fight pandemics, people gave up liberties. Will they get them back? Worldwide, citizens have given up civil liberties in order to fight the pandemic. But is it possible to act collectively and maintain individual rights?

During the time of the pandemic, obviously, countries from all over the world can take certain measures to restrict civil liberties, but it’s very important that those measures are necessary, lawful, and proportionate., right?

Let’s see how well the rights to freedom of expression are applied in the corners of the world during the pandemic.

Zoe Buhler was scheduled for an ultrasound appointment on the September morning when Australian police entered her home. The pregnant mother, still in her pajamas, was handcuffed in front of her partner and two children. Her 4-year-old scurried to hide under a bed. Ms. Buhler’s offense? She’d posted a message on Facebook detailing an upcoming peaceful protest in Melbourne against stringent pandemic lockdowns.

“All social distancing measures are to be followed,” said her post, adding, “Please wear a mask.”

She and her partner immediately offered to take the post down. Police seized the computers and cellphones in her home. Authorities in the state of Victoria charged Ms. Buhler with “incitement” because, they say, protests are unsafe and undermine public health measures. In a court appearance tomorrow, Ms. Buhler faces a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison if found guilty.

Young Woman Violently Arrested by police at Anti Lockdown Protest Bishops Park London on 27 Feb. 2021

    See in Youtube :

Thousands of people across several countries including France, Italy and Australia demonstrated against anti-Covid measures. Tight Covid restrictions were imposed across several countries to tackle a rise in Covid cases. Vaccination rates remain the lowest among developed nations, with fewer than 14% of people jabbed.

    How do anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in London

More than 150 people have been arrested as anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police in central London. Hundreds of demonstrators marched through the city near Oxford Street chanting “freedom” on Saturday, with some carrying placards reading “stop controlling us” and “no more lockdowns”. The Metropolitan Police said the arrests were for a number of suspected offenses including breaching coronavirus regulations and that it expected the number to rise.

For more videos:

      How to Melbourne Anti-Lockdown protesters clash with police

Melbourne Anti-Lockdown protesters clash with police There have been arrests of anti-lockdown protesters at a large demonstration that turned violent in Melbourne, while similar events have also taken place in Sydney and Brisbane. Some 700 police officers were deployed in Melbourne’s CBD on Saturday morning as protesters converged outside Parliament House.

   How to Lockdown protests escalate in the US

In America protests are growing against the coronavirus lockdown measures – in Georgia, non-essential businesses will re-open, against the advice of the President Donald Trump. And in Virginia they too want the state to re-open for business. But are the protesters motivated by science or more deep-rooted beliefs?

Maybe the world has woken up to reality.


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