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Web Design: How to design your own blog in 2021 without much experience

What does Web Design mean?

Sounds so simple. but it’s a bit complicated to understand. Let’s see, it’s easy or not.

First of all, it requires skills to create a structure of the website, navigation on it, layout, colors, characters, and images, etc. Don’t think that you need any coding or something like that, not at all. Now you can easily design a blog or a website using themes.

Search on Envato or ThemeForest, there is a multitude of themes, ranging from the niche you choose for your blog or website and many plugins that will help you get to the design that you waiting for.

In addition, there is a multitude of tutorials on how to design your own blog or site. You need time, it is true but if you have patience you will succeed.

I mean, I hope you have patience!

Web Design! That is, to dress the blog as fashion designers do! 

Of course, you won’t have so much work on a blog, where you can easily use a loop page. But for a website with a certain specialization, such as construction, accounting services, law web design services, news, then it is a lot of work to complete a website design.

And yet, if you want to turn to a professional, I’m right here, you can contact me anytime and I’ll be happy to help you (in exchange for a minimum amount of course, but don’t be scared, we have affordable prices for everyone).

As a web designer, you can be tasked with creating individual pages or entire sites. Becoming a professional requires experience and knowledge of the following:

Web Design: the visual aspect of a website is the business card of a web designer.

HTML: this is the structure of web pages, ie the basis of the website

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets): manages the layout of the site, including layout, typography, colors, and more.

JavaScript: is a programming language that allows you to implement interactive maps, 2D / 3D animated graphics, or video.
Some still say: you have to know the codes to create a website. Sure you do. IF YOU STILL LIVE IN 1994! Seriously now, as expected, technology has advanced quite a bit since the beginnings of the Web, and most of the processes of building a site have long been automated. Including writing that code.

However, creating a blog or website on WordPress does not require a lot of experience!

If you have decided to create your own blog or website, the simplest option for you is WordPress. On WordPress you can create your dream blog or a website regardless of the niche you have chosen and you can easily design your blog yourself just by uploading themes that suit the niche you have chosen.
If you want to have a blog or a website as professional as possible, I suggest you purchase a WordPress membership plan. Do not stay with the free plan, because what’s free is poorly done, and in addition, any service has to be paid for, so think you’re using a platform for your blog, why use it for free? What is free is always worst.
You will have your own blog ready in less than an hour. Not to mention you’ll save over $ 200 this time, focusing only on what’s really important.
First of all, let’s clarify some things: although this guide is definitely completely free, it does not suggest creating a free website. You can create one at no cost, but for that, you will have to resort to free hosting (which is usually very nasty) or a free subscription plan for a site builder like Weebly (which will show you their ads and brand on your blog).
And in addition, if you’ve already thought about a domain, let’s say travel, but that domain if it’s free will sound something like this: “” will simply not motivate your visitors to take you seriously.

Do I need or Not a professional to design my blog?

Well, yes, only if you want your blog to be different, or you don’t know how to design it yourself, or you just don’t have the time to create your blog or website, then let me know, don’t go so far with your search because I’m right here.

If you’re wondering “what the hell is WordPress”, here’s a little interlude: WordPress or WP is what is called a content management system, it’s basically a piece of software that helps you run the entire website, from design and its content, settings, and structure.

From WordPress, you can easily purchase a free domain when you buy their membership plan.

Why choose WordPress? It’s easy to use because it’s the Internet’s favorite website engine, hosting almost a third of the world’s websites (and that means millions of websites). You can use and modify it for free, it can be easily expanded with thousands of plugins, and it boasts an extensive community of users who tend to support each other.

And of course easy to create your own blog with a wonderful web design.

wordpress theme, template for web design

Guides, tutorials, and tips on using WP are available all over the internet, and most of them are free.

Before you start adding content to your new blog or website, take a look at the WordPress Control Panel on the left. Not all features are equally important there, and you will only use a few of the most often. You will be able to learn the rest as you progress.

The most commonly used sections are Posts and Pages, where you can create new content, as well as Comments, where you can manage the discussions in your posts, in case you decide to activate this feature.

The difference between a page and a post is that the first is for static content that shouldn’t change much over time, such as the “About Us” or “Contact Us” page, on the other hand. posts are for content that you add on a regular basis, such as news and blog posts.
Another important section in the WP administrator menu is Appearance, where you can install the visual theme for your website (Appearance → Themes). It will be helpful to add navigation menus (Appearance → Menus) as well as widgets (Appearance → Widgets), small blocks that perform specific functions such as displaying a list of categories or a search bar, usually in the sidebar.
The Appearance section also contains Customizer, which is used extensively by many modern themes to allow you, well, to customize your things on the website, such as colors and fonts.
In principle, you can leave the visual image of your website as it is and focus only on the content. However, not only will your site look very generic, but it will actually look exactly like a bunch of other too “lazy” websites to change the default theme.
There are many free WP themes available that offer many more ways to individualize and customize, allowing any website to have a unique image. I will suggest you try the beginning themes offered by WordPress until you gain a little experience in using WordPress and you become familiar with your blog.
Remember that after you install the theme, you will need some plugins to make your blog work properly.
I will list only some of the most used and reliable plugins that almost any website owner should consider, based on my experience, other people’s reviews, as well as goal statistics. All are free, of course:
Akismet for automatic filtering of spam comments. This is real lifebuoy! Or at least it saves time because it gets rid of all incoming messages that contain spam links or spam words perfectly.
Rank Math SEO for search engine optimization. This is probably one of the best WP plugins for properly setting metadata on your website so that your content doesn’t look awful when searching on Google. Google really likes attention to detail, in fact, a lot.
Google Analytics Dashboard for centralizing visitors, of course, which you can open for free on their official website.
Contact Form 7 to allow your visitors to send you messages.
That’s about it, so it’s not that hard. In the end, you may not need a professional web design, but if you still can’t handle it, I’m here to help you with great pleasure to make your blog or website with a wonderful design.

Finally, Welcome to the world of the Internet!

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