Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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How a UK Doctor Refuses The COVID-19 Vaccine- See details

UK Doctor refuses the COVID-19 vaccine

UK Doctor refuses the covid-19 Vaccine – A doctor spoke to the health secretary about his refusal to be vaccinated, despite the fact that he has been working in intensive care since the beginning of the pandemic.

Mr.Steve James, is a UK Doctor, an anesthesiologist consultant at King’s College London Hospital who has worked in ATI since early 2020 treating patients with Covid, told Sajid Javid why he does not believe in vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccine

In a video released by Sky News, the doctor told Mr. Javid:

“I had COVID at one point, I have antibodies and I worked at ATI COVID from the beginning. I haven’t been vaccinated and I don’t want to be vaccinated.

Vaccines reduce transmission to Delta for only about eight weeks, with Omicron probably less.

“And for that, should I be fired if I don’t get this vaccine? Science is not strong enough. “

Mr. Javid replied: “I respect that, but there are also many different views. I understand it, and obviously, we have to weigh all that up for both health and social care, and there will always be a debate about it.”

A Uk Doctor, Mr. Steve James also revealed another of his colleagues held the same position.

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