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Travel insurance coverage plan reimbursements




Trip cancellation, trip interruption, and emergency medical coverage benefits are due to you as they have travel costs implications.

Why should you be concerned about travel insurance? Well, it is for the same reason you have to cover your house in case of a fire or a flood.

Travel insurance has several benefits that will help you recover your lost items, or recover costs of flight tickets. Reimbursement for your vacation accommodation costs should be part of your insurance coverage plan.

trip cancellation, benefit
Trip interruption vs Trip cancellation. Photo by Elizabeth French from unSplash

Trip Cancellation

Normally you may have to cancel a trip due to illness, your travel companion being ill or a family member being ill right before you take the trip. Others may involve the death of the host at your destination. Terrorism at your destination location, severe dangerous weather, or disruptions at your vacation residence form part of the benefits on the coverage plan. Others include loss of a passport due to theft as you cannot travel without one or an assault causing you or your travel companion to no longer be able to travel.

trip interruption, reimbursements
Will you be reimbursed for booking an earlier return flight ticket? Image by JC Gellidon from unSplash

Trip Interruption

Unlike trip cancellation, trip interruption takes effect once the traveler has begun their trip. The interruption occurs once you are on the trip and an example could be a burglary in your house which compels you to return home immediately. The travel insurance plan also reimburses you for a return flight ticket you have to book for an unplanned earlier return flight. This coverage is not automatically part of the initial trip cancellation coverage. There are various plans which reimburse you for the travel costs ranging between 100 and 150 percent.

Emergency Medical Coverage

There are two types which are the Primary and Secondary insurance coverage. With primary coverage, the claim will be paid first whether there are other insurance coverages the traveler has. The secondary coverage pays the claims from the traveler after they have completed filing with their primary insurance provider. Important to note that normally travelers are required to pay for the emergencies immediately from their own pockets ad the insurer will pay at a later stage. There are very rare cases where the insurer pays the claim immediately.

Other benefits covered by travel insurance which include and are not limited to, are accidental death, medical evacuation, hurricane and bad weather, and loss of personal items.


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