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The Olympic Games is an international sporting event in which thousands of athletes from around the world feature in a variety of competitions. It is considered the world’s most foremost competition and the world’s biggest sporting spectacle with the countries participating numbering over 200. The Olympics is divided into winter and summer sports competitions and is held every four years and hosted a single city.  Athletes with disabilities compete in the Paralympics.

The Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece about 3000 years ago. It was a religious and athletic festival held at the sanctuary of Zeus in Olympia every four years. The Games were mainly athletic sport event but also featured combat sports like wrestling, horse and chariot racing. During the games, all conflict among participating cities or states are being postponed till after the games.

The Olympic Games

According to legend, the games were named by Hercules after he had completed his twelve labors and built the Olympic stadium in honor of Zeus. The first Olympic champion is believed to be Coroebus, a cook from the city of Elis. Although there is no scholarly consensus as to when the ancient Olympics came to an end, it is believed to have ended in 393 AD when emperor Theodosius I, decreed that all pagan practices be but to an end. His successor Theodosius II, ordered the destruction of the Greek temples. 

The Modern Games was revived in the late 19th century. The architect of the modern games was Pierre baron de Coubertin. The modern day Olympics was entrusted to the international Olympic committee (IOC), founded by Pierre de Coubertin in 1894. The IOC chooses who hosts the games and sets rules for each competition. This led to the first Modern games held in Athens in 1896.

Initially the games were officially limited to competitors with amateur status but later In the 1980s many events were opened to professional athletes. So much has changed since the revival of the games, there weren’t any women events initially, and the winter games were created for snow and ice sports, inclusion of the Paralympics and a lot more. 

The games have grown so much right now that almost every county is now represented. The games have also given the host nations an opportunity to showcase themselves to the world. The next Olympic Games is going to be held in the city of Tokyo in Japan from the 24th of July to the 9th of August 2020. The games will feature 339 events in 33 different sports, bordering around 50 disciplines. With the event being hosted by Tokyo it’s sure going to be something worth looking forward to.


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