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The most expensive fitness centers in the world




The fitness trend has gained immense popularity over the last few decades, and the usual fitness rooms have turned into real wellness clubs, where you not only train with the equipment, you work with a personal trainer and you participate in group fitness classes, but you also have part of the highest quality services, as well as a lot of special features.

These fitness clubs promise to help their clients get in shape much easier than usual rooms, offering them extraordinary services, top trainers, workouts and nutrition programs created specifically for each client. In addition, all of their equipment is state-of-the-art and makes available to customers the most modern gadgets and devices. So here are the most luxurious and exclusive fitness rooms in the world, where everyone wants to train.

Tiger Muay Thai Gym – Phuket, Thailand

Considered one of the best fitness clubs in the world, Tiger Muay Thai Gym has an extraordinary martial arts program. In fact, this is the most luxurious martial arts club in Asia and even in the world. In addition to luxury, Tiger Muay Thai offers a lot of facilities, from … truck tires and weight bags, to yoga equipment, strength training and any other type of workout you can think of. Some of the most successful fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship have trained in this giant fitness club.

*A subscription to Tiger Muay Thai Gym costs around 2,900 euros per year.

Tiger Muay Thai, Thailand – Documentary

Gold’s Gym – California, SUA CA

The Gold’s Gym Fitness Club in California is one of the largest in the world, with some of the best facilities – endurance equipment, spinning rooms and cardio equipment. The gym is spread over three floors and has a lot of experienced personal trainers who have worked and worked with important names in the show business business and beyond.

*An annual subscription to Gold’s Gym California can reach almost 8,500 euros per year.

Training with Arnold at Golds Gym California

Harbour Club – London

Harbor Club in London is the most expensive and luxurious fitness club in the UK, and for good reason. Over the years, guests of this fitness room have been the late Princess Diana and, most recently, the Duchess of Cambridge. Those who train at the Harbor Club have fitness rooms with the most modern equipment, different studios for group fitness, pilates and spinning, as well as a waterfall pool and a 25-meter pool. The fitness club also offers access to 13 sports fields, a spa and a clinic.

*If you want to train at the Harbor Club, you should know that a full option subscription can exceed 16,800 euros per year.

Notting Hill Harbour Club, London

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