Hair accessories

2019’s biggest hair accessory trends!

From hairpins, headbands and to even barrettes, these 90s inspired accessories are making a huge come back. Now that you have carefully looked at your wardrobe and added all that you felt was missing from it, it is also about time you do the same with embellishments for your crown.

We have been seeing a lot of 90s inspired headbands and hairclips lately. The trend has been hugely adopted by our favorite influencers on the gram. There seem to be no signs of this trend ending any time soon. There is quite an astonishing number which is emerging in the space of fashion that you may want to add to your wardrobe. Take a look at this brief list of hair accessories or trends which you might be seeing everywhere.

Hair accessory, Headbands
Achieve a glamorous look with this crystal-encrusted headband. Image by Stylure

Revel in the excess of the Jumbo headbands

Headbands have progressed significantly since the last time they popped up during the time of Gossip Girl. Currently, they are huge, they are lavishly decorated, and they come in variegated textures, hues, and prints. Despite everything, we are seeing them all over Instagram, so we can anticipate that these larger than average hair accessories should stay for some time.

A lovely set of gold pearl-encrusted pins. Image by Belmto

Pins are an essential hair accessory…

A minimal pin for those who like to keep it simple. Image by Favorjewelry

Regardless of whether you have to secure a small piece of hair which hangs loose, or essentially add an unobtrusive enhancement to your hair, hairpins are a phenomenal choice. Their negative space impact adds a fascinating component to any haircut.

The revival of the Barrettes…

Hairpins, wardrobe
Look cute in this resin barette. Image from Belmto

Indulging heavily on accessories is nothing we have not seen before. Accessory layering and ring stacking have been around for quite a while, however, this degree of adorning is proceeding onward up to our heads. While hairclips may have been intended to keep hair set up and out of your face, this pattern is about adornment. It is also about utilizing something beyond a couple of barrettes to make this trendy look. It has been a hit among influencers and beauty editors, which implies that it’s about time that everyone began engaging in the trend.

Coordinate your outfit to match with your Scrunches

Hair accessory, 90s
Find the perfect outfit to go with your scrunches. Image from Etsy

Gone are the times of scrambling to discover a hair tie that matches your strands. No worries, the scrunches have arrived to save the day yet again. This hair accessory is now formally cool to wear. It is a bold and versatile tie that will both complement your outfit and stand out too. Create space in your wardrobe for each piece to match with your outfit.

Auto Insurance, Insurance companies
Auto Insurance, Insurance

Recent Auto Insurance trends to look out for

Whether with comprehensive insurance or cheap car insurance, the latest competitive innovations are compelling for insurance companies to immerse themselves in these developments. It could be with your financial planning process or an investment, find an angle to have these compatible with what is new in the market to your advantage.

Auto Insurance, Competitive Innovations
Find a reliable car insurance company. Photo by Waldermar Brandt from Unsplash

Consumers technological usage trends

Insurance companies should move with the latest consumer trends in terms of technology usage. More than 70% of consumers use cellphones for almost everything, from banking, running errands to online meetings. Cheap car insurance covers are becoming more tech-savvy to help customers reach them easily, either to be able to lay a query or chat to a consultant online. This way, customer trends are being incorporated into the communication strategies of businesses with consumers.

Comprehensive Insurance, Financial Planning
Consumer technological usage trends. Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse

Cashback is the keyword in insurance marketing

Insurance companies know how to entice consumers to sign up for insurance as it means you will get something out from the money paying and have not claimed. Cashback is king in car insurance and has a good sound to it. There are insurance covers which offer a certain percentage in premium if you have been claim-free for a number of years. There are ones which offer the cash-back in one year of claim-free.

Great rewards for good behavior

Other great benefits to look out for are multi-car, being a good new driver standard discounts to maintaining a good credit record with the insurance company.
Another highlight is that a good auto insurance company must offer you an automatic withdrawal because no one should be held hostage by an insurance deal. The type of car you own such as an economy car, determines the type of cover you qualify for and discounts. The equipment in the car i.e anti-theft, airbags, anti-brakes to daytime running lights.

Cheap Car Insurance,Investment
The purpose of the car determines the insurance you own. Photo by Scott Umstattd from Unsplash

The Internet of Things in car insurance

Ever heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? A lot of newly made cars come with built-in safety technology and self-driving options. Some of the in-built technologies include added devices which help insurers to collect information about the driving habits of drivers. An example of that type of IoT technology is the Cellcontrol which restricts the use of technology in the care while driving. In the near future, IoT innovation will produce vehicles that are able to communicate with each other to avoid road incidents and deaths. The IoT in car technology is estimated to be a trillion-dollar industry by 2030.

Handbag, Animal print

A Handbag you NEED this Summer!

We all need something to spice up our closets and personal style. We’ve got a solution for you— we’re talking about this summer’s best bag trends. From animal print to horsehair totes, this current season’s armada of bags gives us a crisp and energizing way to deal with having to accessorize them.

Handbag, Trends
Accessorize with a shoulder bag. Image from unSplash

Dare to be bold

Blending another handbag or two into your day by day routine will make you forget the tedious activity of dressing up. If we could style up our closets with a few trendy bags it would make dressing up a lot simpler.

Regardless of whether you want to bear another top handle, you can still accessorize by folding a shoulder handbag under your arm, or swing on a tote, there’s nothing superior to anything taking another bag to show it off. Consider trying these five bag trends out for the remainder of summer.

closets, bags
Carry me on your bag wherever you go. Image from unSplash

Mix ‘n Match

In summer 2019, trends include tote around miniaturized bags in silks, jacquards, glossy silks, and texturized animal prints. Zebra and bovine prints are huge in clothing; it wouldn’t have been long until these covetable animal prints would advance onto summer’s most sweltering totes and overwhelm our closets.

style, accessorize
A perfect outfit match. Image from unSplash

Bring your creative style when you accessorize

Normal materials like canvas, linen, straw, and wood beading are a downplayed approach to get in on the basket handbag trend without going fully Bo Peep.

At the point when cumbersome cowhide bags feel out of season, maintain a strategic distance from the conspicuous raffia bag style as well as the beaded bag and choose to put a spin on a leather handbag like one with embellished croc or engraved subtleties.

summer, animal print
Tis’ the season for going out. Image from unSplash

From wedding gatherings to sunset cocktails, ’tis the season for going out, a great deal. What’s more, nothing will supplement and be the perfect item to accessorize your going-out top very much like a going-out clutch bag.