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What type of aerobics classes to choose according to your goals

Aerobics classes can be the perfect choice when you don’t want to workout alone or if you want to try something special. There are a myriad of types of group workout classes that are suitable for anyone, whether you are a fitness veteran or have never passed a club. However, before choosing such a class, you must ask yourself what you want to achieve behind them. Only then, depending on these goals, can you choose your aerobics class or classes that suit you.

If you want to tone certain groups of muscles as quickly as possible

Do you want to have a flatter abdomen, get rid of the fat on your hips or carve your shoulders? Try those classes that are exclusively for the body parts you want to work on. Generally, the names of the classes will betray the parts of the body they focus on. If you also do cardio workout, then try those group fitness classes that also use weights.

If you want to be slim

If you want to develop your body in a harmonious way, then you should choose classes that focus on exercises for the abdomen and lumbar area, as well as exercises for strengthening the muscles. In fact, if you want a slimmer body, you will need to train like a professional dancer. Classes based on ballet movements are the most effective in this case. Also, pilates classes are a good choice as they focus on the natural alignment of the spine.

If you want to work all your muscle groups, but you don’t like running

If you hate the treadmill (elliptical or swimming bikes), but want to do cardio then consider a fun and fast activity with a trainable soundtrack and an energetic instructor. Dance classes, such as zumba, can help you burn up to 400 calories in an hour and will keep you interested from start to finish. Some classes also use weights for higher intensity. Kickboxing or cycling classes are also great for keeping your heart healthy.

If you want something to help you relax

If you are very stressed and need some activity to relax, then exercise can greatly help you. If you like something more peaceful, look for a yoga class that focuses on relaxing, breathing and meditation positions. Avoid more complicated courses if you do not want to put much effort. If you don’t have the patience to meditate, it means that you need more intense activity like kickboxing or CrossFit to help you get rid of the negative energies.

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Stay young and healthy through these simple steps.

Balanced health and fitness exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and a grateful heart, promote health benefits for a young-looking body, brilliant healthy mind, and glowing skin. Staying young means maintaining proper health nurtured not only through physical fitness, however smiling and laughing often has great benefits your overall health.

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Filtered water is cleared of chemicals. Stay hydrated for healthy skin. Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on unSplash

Be young, healthy and merry in these ways:

Keep toxins out of your glorious temple!

There are many chemicals absorbed into our bodies daily the processed diet consumed daily, most of which we are not aware of. Detoxifying your body has many benefits such as getting rid of any unwanted toxins and opens the biochemical pathway called methylation which manages many functions such as alleviating inflammation, supporting DNA and the immune system. You will also prevent heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, and palpitations.

This is how you detoxify your body: your diet should be fruits and raw vegetables, and filtered water including mint, for a reasonable amount of time depending on the toxicity in your gut. For mild gut toxicity, you may stay on a raw diet for a week and for a heftier toxic filled gut, you may need about three to four weeks of gut detoxification.

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Show me your diet and I will tell you your future. Photo by Nadine Primeau on unSplash

Consume a diet which will keep you looking younger

Food such as avocados, asparagus, blueberries, broccoli, garlic, grapefruit, spinach, tomatoes and the curcumin found in Turmeric have health benefits of being able to generate cells for young-looking skin. Diet with vitamin C nutrition content, green and yellow vegetables have antioxidants that help fight the acceleration of aging. You are what you eat, so your nutrition must work for you not against you.

Avoid heavy and strenuous fitness exercises

A lot of people tend to put pressure on themselves to achieve their health and fitness goals by heavy exercises and putting their bodies under strain. Strenuous exercises have a negative impact on the body’s muscles which deny your chance of staying young. When engaging in physical exercise, go for mild exercises to keep you fit and yet healthy, not strained. Yoga is an example of a mild exercise with dedicated poses for retaining your youth and reduce aging.

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Marvel at life. Find joy in the little things! Photo by Zachary Nelson from unSplash

Contentment is the secret to stay young at heart!

Above proper diet and nutrition, regular fitness exercise and having a toxic-free gut, a positive attitude is the cherry on top. Be young at heart, smile and laugh often at yourself and marvel at the beauty that life has to offer. You do not own problems of this world. Yes, life will never be perfect, you just accept that fact and make the most of whatever you have, wherever you are. Above all, you create your own reality with your thoughts, beliefs and certainly your attitude. Have a heart of gratitude because with it comes an abundance of youth!

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Your brain’s wellness determines your overall fitness.

Your brain is the center of almost all activities in a normal human being. It is connected to your heart, your thinking mind and all organs in the body. With the right nutrition and physical fitness shaped by an exercise routine, you have a winning brain fitness formula. By improving the health of your brain through fitness exercises amongst other activities, you improve the overall fitness of your anatomy and here is why:

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Your brain’s wellness improves your overall anatomy.

The healthy brain is one step to mental wellness

What is wellness without a healthy brain? There seems to be no existence to health and fitness without a healthy brain as the brain controls activities performed by your body from thoughts, actions you take, emotions and decisions you make. When the brain is well taken care of and engaged in enough brain exercise activities, the brain is stimulated.

Your ability to comprehend information, interpret it and also be able to relay information depends on the well being of your rain. Get into the habit of engaging in activities that will stimulate your brain so that you can be able to calculate numbers with ease. There are many board games you may lay to play to exercise your brain to keep it active such as chess.

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Neurons should be in proper condition for one to perform physical exercises.

The brain’s wellness determines the performance of physical activities

You cannot even lift a finger if neurons at in your system cannot send signals to your brain to initiate basic actions. The brain comprises billions of nerve cells that must be in proper condition for a human being to perform everyday physical fitness exercises.

The overall brain’s fitness stimulates the brain’s neurons and this depends on the physical fitness and nutrition of the brain to carry out any activity. Physical fitness such as exercise including yoga which improves the brain’s wellness by releasing hormones called the plethora which aid and nourish the environment for the growth of brain cells.

Emotional wellness

Just as the bran is connected to various parts of your body, it is also connected to the heart. The part of the brain which is connected to the heart is responsible for the heart’s stimuli to the external environment. How you feel, your moods and overall emotional well being are related to the health of your brain.

Fitness exercises release happy hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Some foods affect your moods and eventually your emotional well being because of their nutrition quality, be acquainted of what you put in your body.


Your fitness life does not have to be boring. Make your workout exciting to look forward to.

When you think about your health and fitness routine, “fun and exciting” should be the first on your mind. There are fun ways to exercise for physical fitness without making your way through the gym door. Be daring and try a spontaneous workout routine for yourself while you achieve pure fitness.

You can fulfill your workout goals in a number of ways by creating a splendid fitness journey when you think out of the ordinary. It is often the case that most start their fitness routines with eagerness but fail to continue due to the lack of spontaneity.

What are the fun ways to consider to make your fitness a thing to look out for? The following, make physical fitness a party rather than a funeral:

1. Go running out with a friend

This is probably the best fun workout to enjoy without feeling like you are on a mission. You have a chance to chat in between your running breaks while you achieving your physical fitness routines. The great part of running outside is that you breathe in the fresh air away from the indoors gym environment.

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Two men running through the snow track. Image from UnSplash

2. Use pre-recorded exercise videos

Frankly, exercising through workout videos creates a feeling that you are not exercising alone. The atmosphere created in these videos is of a gym class-setting paired with fun, in that there is normally no equipment used. It is only through sweat when you realise that your body has been working out. Now, this is pure fitness.

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Pre-recorded videos can take your exercise anywhere. Image from unSplash

3. Create exercise and play sessions with kids

Kids are normally active and if you often worry about leaving them behind for gym, perhaps it’s time to start include them in your health and fitness routine if you are fortunate to live with them.

While they do light exercises, you may do adult heavier ones. Smaller babies are even fun to carry on the back while you do workouts such as squats.

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A man exercising with a kid. Image from unSplash

4. Have a versatile workout routine

Or just do not have one at all. One of the reasons gyms are boring to many is because the routine around it is predictable particularly if you have been doing it for a while.

Have your days in the week mapped out in such a way that it does not feel like a routine, for example, you may go for a run with a friend on a Monday, have a play session with kids on a Tuesday, exercise with recorded videos on a Wednesday, use a workout app instead on a Thursday.

You may go for a run at a place you have not been to before, do yoga next to the river, run with your dog and whatever you do, make it something you would go back to any day!

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A spontaneous workout. Image from unSplash

There are many more fun ways to workout without going to the gym. Whatever you opt for just make sure, it does not feel like a job!