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How to choose your clothes for the gym

Even if it doesn’t seem, the clothes you wear at the fitness club are extremely important. The right outfit can help you do your workouts better, more comfortable, and even some injuries. Here’s how to choose your clothes for the gym.

When choosing clothes for the fitness room, the first t-shirts you need. You have to choose the ones that are designed for sports and based on technologies designed to help you when you train.

We won’t go into much detail, but we tell you that t-shirts made of super-elastic material are best for workouts at the gym (cotton tops are not recommended). These have the advantage of not staying too wet for a long time, which means that when you sweat during training you will not remain wet and you will not feel uncomfortable. They also do not lack the body.

The pants you are sporting are also as important as you can, if you want to have a successful workout.

First of all, choose pants that are your size and in no case be too wide. Wide clothes in the room are not only uncomfortable, but they can endanger you. If you are running on a treadmill or cycling you will see that you will not be able to do the exercises easily. That’s why you have to choose pants that allow you to move around freely.

For men, the best are the shorts, and for the women yoga pants or leggings are the best option.

The type of shoes you choose for sports are very important. Note, however, that not every type of sports shoe is suitable for going to the gym.

When you plan to workout at the fitness club, you should wear light and comfortable shoes. You also have to make sure that you have taken the right action. Here’s what you need to do:

When it comes to sports shoes it is best to buy them from a store where you can try on your shoes, not from the internet. After you’ve got your shoes on your feet, stand up for a few minutes and walk into them to see how you feel.

When you buy clothes for the gym, choose things that suit you now, even if you plan to be weaker or have more muscle mass in a few months. If you take on clothes that are too big or too small you will not be able to move, and your workout will become uncomfortable.

You may also waste more time adjusting your clothes, pulling them up and down, instead of focusing on your exercises.

The idea of spending money on clothes in which you practically do nothing but sweat doesn’t seem to be the smartest thing in the world. Well, this is really not the point to scratch. The prices for fitness clothes are not that high and believe us that the quality ones will make the difference in your workout. You will feel comfortable, you will look good and can even be a help in your training, such as suitable sports shoes.

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The most expensive fitness centers in the world

The fitness trend has gained immense popularity over the last few decades, and the usual fitness rooms have turned into real wellness clubs, where you not only train with the equipment, you work with a personal trainer and you participate in group fitness classes, but you also have part of the highest quality services, as well as a lot of special features.

These fitness clubs promise to help their clients get in shape much easier than usual rooms, offering them extraordinary services, top trainers, workouts and nutrition programs created specifically for each client. In addition, all of their equipment is state-of-the-art and makes available to customers the most modern gadgets and devices. So here are the most luxurious and exclusive fitness rooms in the world, where everyone wants to train.

Tiger Muay Thai Gym – Phuket, Thailand

Considered one of the best fitness clubs in the world, Tiger Muay Thai Gym has an extraordinary martial arts program. In fact, this is the most luxurious martial arts club in Asia and even in the world. In addition to luxury, Tiger Muay Thai offers a lot of facilities, from … truck tires and weight bags, to yoga equipment, strength training and any other type of workout you can think of. Some of the most successful fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship have trained in this giant fitness club.

*A subscription to Tiger Muay Thai Gym costs around 2,900 euros per year.

Tiger Muay Thai, Thailand – Documentary

Gold’s Gym – California, SUA CA

The Gold’s Gym Fitness Club in California is one of the largest in the world, with some of the best facilities – endurance equipment, spinning rooms and cardio equipment. The gym is spread over three floors and has a lot of experienced personal trainers who have worked and worked with important names in the show business business and beyond.

*An annual subscription to Gold’s Gym California can reach almost 8,500 euros per year.

Training with Arnold at Golds Gym California

Harbour Club – London

Harbor Club in London is the most expensive and luxurious fitness club in the UK, and for good reason. Over the years, guests of this fitness room have been the late Princess Diana and, most recently, the Duchess of Cambridge. Those who train at the Harbor Club have fitness rooms with the most modern equipment, different studios for group fitness, pilates and spinning, as well as a waterfall pool and a 25-meter pool. The fitness club also offers access to 13 sports fields, a spa and a clinic.

*If you want to train at the Harbor Club, you should know that a full option subscription can exceed 16,800 euros per year.

Notting Hill Harbour Club, London

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Health beverages, Nutritious Drinks

Five healthy beverages you should know about to support an active body

Exercising and good food should be supplemented by nutritious drinks. In instances where you take time in or outside the gym, your body needs drinks that are best suited to boost your stamina, regulating metabolism, burn fat and build muscles. There are various options available in the market, however, the organic options go a long way for a desirable fit body.

Nutritious Drinks, Organic
Boost your stamina with plant-based drinks blended with organic protein shakes. Image by Pille Riin from Unsplash

Build muscles with the protein shakes

Supplements are surely the best to build muscles, however, there are various options at your disposal such as organic protein shakes that you may blend with a smoothie. During each exercise session either in or out of the gym, the body tends to work overtime causing body muscles to get pulled harder than normal. You need a good protein shake to fill up the contracted muscles and build their volume. There are many nutritious drinks that are suited to build muscles and the best ones are those made from plant-based ingredients. These are best taken before or after exercising.

Lemon makes more than just a juicy drink

A greater advantage of a lemon drink is that it does not only work as a detoxifying agent, also with multiple healing properties. An organic lemon drink means it not only freshly squeezed, but it also means it is pure enough to perform its wondrous work on the body. It contains antioxidants that help to protect the heart against diseases. When consistently added to warm water daily as a first drink in the morning, lemon can help maintain a healthy weight, regulating metabolism, reduce belly fat and reduce cancer cells.  

Healthy Beverage
Lemon flushes out toxins and does much more. Image by Monika Grabkows from Unsplash

Joints pay a lot of rent during work-outs!

Joints of an active body can easily get exhausted particularly with hectic exercise, and to relieve the pain, turmeric, and ginger contain anti-inflammatory properties. The combination of these two can be blended into a tea or warm water making most healthy beverages combined with worth consuming. They have various other benefits such as that ginger helps kill bad odor from the body due to its aroma nature. Turmeric has many more benefits such as removing dead cells from the skin to keep help it to glow and looking young.

Active Body, Build muscles
Muscle pulling causes tension to the body particularly the joints. Image by Penguinuhh from Unsplash

Water- The champion of respiration

Water contains the oxygen gas which is necessary for the brain and overall body’s respiration. Cells of an active body should take in a regular amount of oxygen to remain intact and healthy. During a workout, more blood travel to the muscles where exercise is concentrated to transport oxygen. When there is not enough oxygen in the bloodstreams, lactic acid may form which leads to unfavorable conditions to the body such as fermentation. Keep your water purified as well with a filter that you may place in your water pump at home or just a filter cup for the gym.

Regulate metabolism, Exercising
Water is definitely life. Consume purified one. Image by Boxed Water from Unsplash

Mint – the lung purifier

Even after consuming mint juice, water or tea, the breath feels fresh and rejuvenated which should tell you what more it does to the lungs. For you to maintain a normal breath, the lungs should be well engineered. Have organic and raw mint in your house all the time to blend with your healthy beverages. Mint contains agents that remove any impurities from the lungs. Other benefits include and are not limited to regulating metabolism. You can add mint leaves to your tea or just warm water. 


Your fitness life does not have to be boring. Make your workout exciting to look forward to.

When you think about your health and fitness routine, “fun and exciting” should be the first on your mind. There are fun ways to exercise for physical fitness without making your way through the gym door. Be daring and try a spontaneous workout routine for yourself while you achieve pure fitness.

You can fulfill your workout goals in a number of ways by creating a splendid fitness journey when you think out of the ordinary. It is often the case that most start their fitness routines with eagerness but fail to continue due to the lack of spontaneity.

What are the fun ways to consider to make your fitness a thing to look out for? The following, make physical fitness a party rather than a funeral:

1. Go running out with a friend

This is probably the best fun workout to enjoy without feeling like you are on a mission. You have a chance to chat in between your running breaks while you achieving your physical fitness routines. The great part of running outside is that you breathe in the fresh air away from the indoors gym environment.

fitness, physical fitness
Two men running through the snow track. Image from UnSplash

2. Use pre-recorded exercise videos

Frankly, exercising through workout videos creates a feeling that you are not exercising alone. The atmosphere created in these videos is of a gym class-setting paired with fun, in that there is normally no equipment used. It is only through sweat when you realise that your body has been working out. Now, this is pure fitness.

Health and fitness, routine
Pre-recorded videos can take your exercise anywhere. Image from unSplash

3. Create exercise and play sessions with kids

Kids are normally active and if you often worry about leaving them behind for gym, perhaps it’s time to start include them in your health and fitness routine if you are fortunate to live with them.

While they do light exercises, you may do adult heavier ones. Smaller babies are even fun to carry on the back while you do workouts such as squats.

workout, exercise
A man exercising with a kid. Image from unSplash

4. Have a versatile workout routine

Or just do not have one at all. One of the reasons gyms are boring to many is because the routine around it is predictable particularly if you have been doing it for a while.

Have your days in the week mapped out in such a way that it does not feel like a routine, for example, you may go for a run with a friend on a Monday, have a play session with kids on a Tuesday, exercise with recorded videos on a Wednesday, use a workout app instead on a Thursday.

You may go for a run at a place you have not been to before, do yoga next to the river, run with your dog and whatever you do, make it something you would go back to any day!

gym, pure fitness
A spontaneous workout. Image from unSplash

There are many more fun ways to workout without going to the gym. Whatever you opt for just make sure, it does not feel like a job!