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How to choose your clothes for the gym

Even if it doesn’t seem, the clothes you wear at the fitness club are extremely important. The right outfit can help you do your workouts better, more comfortable, and even some injuries. Here’s how to choose your clothes for the gym.

When choosing clothes for the fitness room, the first t-shirts you need. You have to choose the ones that are designed for sports and based on technologies designed to help you when you train.

We won’t go into much detail, but we tell you that t-shirts made of super-elastic material are best for workouts at the gym (cotton tops are not recommended). These have the advantage of not staying too wet for a long time, which means that when you sweat during training you will not remain wet and you will not feel uncomfortable. They also do not lack the body.

The pants you are sporting are also as important as you can, if you want to have a successful workout.

First of all, choose pants that are your size and in no case be too wide. Wide clothes in the room are not only uncomfortable, but they can endanger you. If you are running on a treadmill or cycling you will see that you will not be able to do the exercises easily. That’s why you have to choose pants that allow you to move around freely.

For men, the best are the shorts, and for the women yoga pants or leggings are the best option.

The type of shoes you choose for sports are very important. Note, however, that not every type of sports shoe is suitable for going to the gym.

When you plan to workout at the fitness club, you should wear light and comfortable shoes. You also have to make sure that you have taken the right action. Here’s what you need to do:

When it comes to sports shoes it is best to buy them from a store where you can try on your shoes, not from the internet. After you’ve got your shoes on your feet, stand up for a few minutes and walk into them to see how you feel.

When you buy clothes for the gym, choose things that suit you now, even if you plan to be weaker or have more muscle mass in a few months. If you take on clothes that are too big or too small you will not be able to move, and your workout will become uncomfortable.

You may also waste more time adjusting your clothes, pulling them up and down, instead of focusing on your exercises.

The idea of spending money on clothes in which you practically do nothing but sweat doesn’t seem to be the smartest thing in the world. Well, this is really not the point to scratch. The prices for fitness clothes are not that high and believe us that the quality ones will make the difference in your workout. You will feel comfortable, you will look good and can even be a help in your training, such as suitable sports shoes.

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The most expensive fitness centers in the world

The fitness trend has gained immense popularity over the last few decades, and the usual fitness rooms have turned into real wellness clubs, where you not only train with the equipment, you work with a personal trainer and you participate in group fitness classes, but you also have part of the highest quality services, as well as a lot of special features.

These fitness clubs promise to help their clients get in shape much easier than usual rooms, offering them extraordinary services, top trainers, workouts and nutrition programs created specifically for each client. In addition, all of their equipment is state-of-the-art and makes available to customers the most modern gadgets and devices. So here are the most luxurious and exclusive fitness rooms in the world, where everyone wants to train.

Tiger Muay Thai Gym – Phuket, Thailand

Considered one of the best fitness clubs in the world, Tiger Muay Thai Gym has an extraordinary martial arts program. In fact, this is the most luxurious martial arts club in Asia and even in the world. In addition to luxury, Tiger Muay Thai offers a lot of facilities, from … truck tires and weight bags, to yoga equipment, strength training and any other type of workout you can think of. Some of the most successful fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship have trained in this giant fitness club.

*A subscription to Tiger Muay Thai Gym costs around 2,900 euros per year.

Tiger Muay Thai, Thailand – Documentary

Gold’s Gym – California, SUA CA

The Gold’s Gym Fitness Club in California is one of the largest in the world, with some of the best facilities – endurance equipment, spinning rooms and cardio equipment. The gym is spread over three floors and has a lot of experienced personal trainers who have worked and worked with important names in the show business business and beyond.

*An annual subscription to Gold’s Gym California can reach almost 8,500 euros per year.

Training with Arnold at Golds Gym California

Harbour Club – London

Harbor Club in London is the most expensive and luxurious fitness club in the UK, and for good reason. Over the years, guests of this fitness room have been the late Princess Diana and, most recently, the Duchess of Cambridge. Those who train at the Harbor Club have fitness rooms with the most modern equipment, different studios for group fitness, pilates and spinning, as well as a waterfall pool and a 25-meter pool. The fitness club also offers access to 13 sports fields, a spa and a clinic.

*If you want to train at the Harbor Club, you should know that a full option subscription can exceed 16,800 euros per year.

Notting Hill Harbour Club, London

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What type of aerobics classes to choose according to your goals

Aerobics classes can be the perfect choice when you don’t want to workout alone or if you want to try something special. There are a myriad of types of group workout classes that are suitable for anyone, whether you are a fitness veteran or have never passed a club. However, before choosing such a class, you must ask yourself what you want to achieve behind them. Only then, depending on these goals, can you choose your aerobics class or classes that suit you.

If you want to tone certain groups of muscles as quickly as possible

Do you want to have a flatter abdomen, get rid of the fat on your hips or carve your shoulders? Try those classes that are exclusively for the body parts you want to work on. Generally, the names of the classes will betray the parts of the body they focus on. If you also do cardio workout, then try those group fitness classes that also use weights.

If you want to be slim

If you want to develop your body in a harmonious way, then you should choose classes that focus on exercises for the abdomen and lumbar area, as well as exercises for strengthening the muscles. In fact, if you want a slimmer body, you will need to train like a professional dancer. Classes based on ballet movements are the most effective in this case. Also, pilates classes are a good choice as they focus on the natural alignment of the spine.

If you want to work all your muscle groups, but you don’t like running

If you hate the treadmill (elliptical or swimming bikes), but want to do cardio then consider a fun and fast activity with a trainable soundtrack and an energetic instructor. Dance classes, such as zumba, can help you burn up to 400 calories in an hour and will keep you interested from start to finish. Some classes also use weights for higher intensity. Kickboxing or cycling classes are also great for keeping your heart healthy.

If you want something to help you relax

If you are very stressed and need some activity to relax, then exercise can greatly help you. If you like something more peaceful, look for a yoga class that focuses on relaxing, breathing and meditation positions. Avoid more complicated courses if you do not want to put much effort. If you don’t have the patience to meditate, it means that you need more intense activity like kickboxing or CrossFit to help you get rid of the negative energies.

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Strength training for the buttocks muscles

The buttocks muscles not only offer you an aesthetic posterior, but are equally important for the overall functioning of the entire lower chain. You will need strong buttocks to contribute to hip extension and propulsion forward.

Also the strong buttocks are essential for reducing the risk of injury and for alleviating or even disappearing the lumbar pain. In addition, strong buttocks allow you to be more agile, lift heavier weights, climb stairs and walk or run, putting less stress on the joints in the lower chain, thus managing to make your daily life less demanding.

When the gluteal muscles (buttocks muscles) are not strong, the entire lower body area may be out of balance. Pain in the lumbar area may also be a symptom of some weak buttocks.If the buttocks are not activated during walking and other forward movement patterns, it can cause pain and compression on the lumbar vertebrae.

Exercise 1
It starts from the lying position on the back, with the soles straight, with the knees bent and with the arms near the body. The soles must be separated at a width of hips and positioned close to the buttocks.Click on the heel and lift the hips .
The shoulders, hips and thighs should form a straight line at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the floor.Stay in the top position two times and then return to the starting position.
Perform 20 repetitions.

Exercise 2 Start from the stand position, with your feet side by side, and holding a dumbbell in your right hand at chest level. Step with your left foot back, keeping the heel high off the floor.
Lower the back knee, forming a 90-degree angle, so that both knees are bent and then return to the stand position, with the legs straight.
Perform 12 repetitions for each leg (you can also do this exercise without dumbbells).

Exercise 3 Stand with your feet close together and hold your hands together in front of your chest for balance.From this position bend your knees and lower your back until your hips are parallel to the floor. Get up, straighten your legs completely and lift your left foot to your back. Return to starting position and repeat the movement for right leg to complete one repetition. Perform 12 repetitions for each leg.

There are no foods to help you get rid of excess weight in a single region of the body, but there are plenty of foods that will speed up your metabolism. This way you will lose weight proportionately. In order to maximize the results of the exercises, the training program should be accompanied by a balanced and varied eating plan.

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Ideal Body Weight Is a Goal For You ?

When people begin to think to weight loss, it makes sense that they place a heavy emphasis on the number they see on the scale. It’s easy to measure, it’s easy to track, and it makes it very salient whether you’re making progress toward the ideal body weight you’ve set for yourself.

So what’s the deal with weight loss? How did this simple number grow to carry so immense weight and power?

Well, because a lot of us dreams to have a ideal body weight with a particular feeling—if we weigh a certain amount we’ll look a certain way. If we reach a certain number on the scale then we will feel a particular way about ourselves.

When we reach our sacred number we either:

  1. Reach this goal and you don’t feel the way what you expect.
  2. Reach the feeling we want but haven’t met our goal weight yet.

In either case, there is confusion and frustration swirling inside us. In the first case, we think our original ideal body weight might not have been enough. We need to get leaner and leaner until we achieve the feeling we’re after leading to obsessive and unhealthy practices.

In the second case, we might feel like we’ve fallen short of our goal. We feel good about ourselves and where we’re at, but something about those elusive few extra pounds gnaws at our accomplishments.

The truth of the matter is that “ideal body weight” is more of a range than a hard target. And the ideal body weights on most charts can be wildly inaccurate.

There will always be a weight at which you feel your best. As long as your bloodwork comes out in good ranges, then your actual body weight is less important. I get it, it can be hard to set aside this number we see at our feet every morning.

Whether we can convince ourselves of its reduced importance or not, this information will still hold some meaning of progress for us. Instead of trying to ignore this, let’s instead dilute its power with a variety of other, non-scale forms of success that can also be easily tracked.

After getting into a regular exercise routine you may notice you have more energy in the morning and throughout the day compared to when you didn’t exercise. This is one of the benefits of a healthy diet and regular activity. You might even find that you don’t need as much coffee or any at all!

Exercise has been shown to provide mood-enhancing benefits. In fact, exercise has become more popular as a prescribed treatment for depression, as it can alleviate many depressive symptoms. Aside from direct mood-enhancing mechanisms, the increased self-esteem and confidence gained from regular exercise can also put you in a better all-around mood.

Do you find that you naturally gravitate toward healthier food options? Perhaps you were forced to miss a workout, and something just didn’t quite feel right.

A good indication of progress is when fitness activities (food prep, exercise, logging, etc.) feel natural and not forced. These activities start to become part of your life, and as such it will be easier to maintain these healthy habits for the long haul.

Are you making progress in these other areas? If so, chances are your fitness program is doing exactly what it is meant to do—improve your health, your appearance, and your overall well-being.


Five simple ways to stay healthy without breaking the bank

A sound mind and body are an essential part of fulfilled living. In fact to lead a longer life staying fit is a necessity to be reckoned with. This health guide gives useful tips to maintain fitness without bothering your wallet.

Sleep enough hours for a sound mind and body

Mind and Body, Fulfilled
An average adult sleeps eight hours every 24 hours. Image by Benjamin Voros from Unsplash

The mind and body function more like a technological device which needs to be restarted or refreshed. Sleep is not just for rest, it reduces stress and inflammation, keeps the heartbeat at a normal rate and many more. When you sleep adequate hours, you keep the body’s cells refreshed which forms an essential part of a balanced body. An average adult should sleep for at least 7 hours in 24 hours.

Run or walk often outside – breath in fresh air

You know what they say about running! It maintains proper blood circulation and high level of fitness. If you cannot run then walk, just keep your body active. Running outside means your body gets to take in natural fresh air which is a necessity for a ventilated body. A ventilated body helps refresh internal organs by reducing the carbon dioxide in the body and letting the oxygen to fill the body. Oxygen is a basic gas that human bodies thrive on, take it in everyday just as your daily food. 

Feed your body at a cellular level

health guide, useful tips
You are what you eat. Image by Brenda Godinez from Unsplash

Everything we will ever need is in nature. A healthy diet is natural food and that is all there is to it. It does not only keep you away from doctors and hospitals, but it also elevates your energy levels, it is good for your brain and spirit. Ever heard of a vibrational frequency? Your natural state of being should be high vibrational frequency to live a fulfilled life. If you do not vibrate higher it means you’re not fit, leaving you susceptible to diseases which deny you an opportunity for a longer life.

By vibrating lower in health, it means you are not fit, slowly getting ill or are already sick. Processed foods, GMO foods and anything that you cannot imagine growing from the soil will send you to the grave sooner than expected. Cancer is another term for damaged cells. Cells get damaged when they are not fed natural foods or foods that are toxic. 

You are certainly not your thoughts

Fulfilled, Longer life
A woman smiles while in the wild. Image from Unsplash

Like it or not, you cannot separate yourself from how you feel – but you sure can separate yourself from your thoughts. Be mindful of how you feel throughout the day and notice what brings about those feelings. Avoid situations or things that negatively affect your sense of well being. Our default feelings should be good 24/7 but it is not normal to feel the opposite.

Watch your thoughts as they directly impact on how you feel. Learn to watch your thoughts come and go without letting them be a part of you. Depression, anxiety disorders and other mental related diseases are caused by dwelling on unpleasant thoughts, particularly negative ones. You do not own problems of this world. Take life easy, learn to observe and not 6 react to everything there is out there. Love your self a little more. 

Drink alkaline water – Avoid acidic drinks

Healthy, fitness
The body naturally resonates with alkaline water. Image from Unsplash

Our bodies are 80% liquid meaning that what we put in forms part of that percentage and any authentic health guide should advise that any liquid absorbed by your body should be alkaline. Most of the water we consume or have access to contain fluoride, an acidic substance used to purify the water with negative side effects to the body. Fluoride slows down the brain and also weakens cells causing diseases such as high blood pressure, weak immune system, and other illnesses. 

Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle starts with self-awareness, self-care and eventually working on improving these two. You do not need to get your pockets dry to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. It is through simple acts and you are there. 

health benefits, young-looking

Stay young and healthy through these simple steps.

Balanced health and fitness exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and a grateful heart, promote health benefits for a young-looking body, brilliant healthy mind, and glowing skin. Staying young means maintaining proper health nurtured not only through physical fitness, however smiling and laughing often has great benefits your overall health.

health and fitness, stay young
Filtered water is cleared of chemicals. Stay hydrated for healthy skin. Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on unSplash

Be young, healthy and merry in these ways:

Keep toxins out of your glorious temple!

There are many chemicals absorbed into our bodies daily the processed diet consumed daily, most of which we are not aware of. Detoxifying your body has many benefits such as getting rid of any unwanted toxins and opens the biochemical pathway called methylation which manages many functions such as alleviating inflammation, supporting DNA and the immune system. You will also prevent heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, and palpitations.

This is how you detoxify your body: your diet should be fruits and raw vegetables, and filtered water including mint, for a reasonable amount of time depending on the toxicity in your gut. For mild gut toxicity, you may stay on a raw diet for a week and for a heftier toxic filled gut, you may need about three to four weeks of gut detoxification.

diet, nutrition
Show me your diet and I will tell you your future. Photo by Nadine Primeau on unSplash

Consume a diet which will keep you looking younger

Food such as avocados, asparagus, blueberries, broccoli, garlic, grapefruit, spinach, tomatoes and the curcumin found in Turmeric have health benefits of being able to generate cells for young-looking skin. Diet with vitamin C nutrition content, green and yellow vegetables have antioxidants that help fight the acceleration of aging. You are what you eat, so your nutrition must work for you not against you.

Avoid heavy and strenuous fitness exercises

A lot of people tend to put pressure on themselves to achieve their health and fitness goals by heavy exercises and putting their bodies under strain. Strenuous exercises have a negative impact on the body’s muscles which deny your chance of staying young. When engaging in physical exercise, go for mild exercises to keep you fit and yet healthy, not strained. Yoga is an example of a mild exercise with dedicated poses for retaining your youth and reduce aging.

health benefits, young-looking
Marvel at life. Find joy in the little things! Photo by Zachary Nelson from unSplash

Contentment is the secret to stay young at heart!

Above proper diet and nutrition, regular fitness exercise and having a toxic-free gut, a positive attitude is the cherry on top. Be young at heart, smile and laugh often at yourself and marvel at the beauty that life has to offer. You do not own problems of this world. Yes, life will never be perfect, you just accept that fact and make the most of whatever you have, wherever you are. Above all, you create your own reality with your thoughts, beliefs and certainly your attitude. Have a heart of gratitude because with it comes an abundance of youth!

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Proper health care and fitness for your body type

The health benefits for bodybuilding nutrition or weightloss are aligned to your body type. Familiarize yourself with the correct fitness exercises and health care options for your weight. Whether you want to burn more calories or build more muscles, there are various fitness options to give you health benefit.

Body Mass index versus physical exercise: for every individual, their weight must balance their height, the same goes for the amount of exercise suitable for the body type. There is a range of health care options in fitness and physical activities to adhere to depending on your body type to achieve maximum health benefits. and a balanced healthy Body mass Index (BMI). A balanced body weight and height is crucial to help minimize the risk of diseases related to obesity, including Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

Three Main Body types

Lightweight type

which is also called the skinny type, lean build, with difficulty to build muscles, with fast mind also called the ectomorph. No amount of time in the gym is going to make a difference for this type of body, however bodybuilding nutrition can be very beneficial for this type. The metabolism is fast and burns calories faster. Light exercises which focus the body and the mind, such as yoga to help slow down the mind are vital. Exercise such as Tai Chi and Yoga are suitable fitness exercises for proper health care of this body type.

health benefits, fitness
the right exercise for your body type. Image by Alora from UnSplash

Mild weight type

The second one is the Mild weight type who have medium and normal weight. Their body weights would normally be called balanced temperament and well built. They are also called the Mesomorph. The medium sized are easy to build muscles and also burn fat. Although it is not the case with those falling in this category, there are the in-between types, who may not burn fat easily but not build it quickly too. Exercises that should be focused here is to maintain the weight, to avoid weightloss and to also avoid weight gain.

bodybuilding nutrition, health care
Yoga and Ta Chi are best for lightweight body type. Photo By Olenka Kotyk

Heavyweight type

The third type is the Heavyweight type, with a large frame, stable, steady mind and movement. these type of bodies normally have a tendency to store body fat. They are also called the Endomorph. Exercises which should be focused on this body type range from running frequently, lots of body movement exercise to help. Weightloss, belly fat burn and muscle tone fitness exercises are best for this category.

Walking and jogging: they are exercises to that should recognize to make a difference in the body types that do not require heavy exercises. With lightweight individuals, those who consume food with low calories and those with electrically faster metabolism bodies, light exercises are required to avoid inflammation and burnout.


Your fitness life does not have to be boring. Make your workout exciting to look forward to.

When you think about your health and fitness routine, “fun and exciting” should be the first on your mind. There are fun ways to exercise for physical fitness without making your way through the gym door. Be daring and try a spontaneous workout routine for yourself while you achieve pure fitness.

You can fulfill your workout goals in a number of ways by creating a splendid fitness journey when you think out of the ordinary. It is often the case that most start their fitness routines with eagerness but fail to continue due to the lack of spontaneity.

What are the fun ways to consider to make your fitness a thing to look out for? The following, make physical fitness a party rather than a funeral:

1. Go running out with a friend

This is probably the best fun workout to enjoy without feeling like you are on a mission. You have a chance to chat in between your running breaks while you achieving your physical fitness routines. The great part of running outside is that you breathe in the fresh air away from the indoors gym environment.

fitness, physical fitness
Two men running through the snow track. Image from UnSplash

2. Use pre-recorded exercise videos

Frankly, exercising through workout videos creates a feeling that you are not exercising alone. The atmosphere created in these videos is of a gym class-setting paired with fun, in that there is normally no equipment used. It is only through sweat when you realise that your body has been working out. Now, this is pure fitness.

Health and fitness, routine
Pre-recorded videos can take your exercise anywhere. Image from unSplash

3. Create exercise and play sessions with kids

Kids are normally active and if you often worry about leaving them behind for gym, perhaps it’s time to start include them in your health and fitness routine if you are fortunate to live with them.

While they do light exercises, you may do adult heavier ones. Smaller babies are even fun to carry on the back while you do workouts such as squats.

workout, exercise
A man exercising with a kid. Image from unSplash

4. Have a versatile workout routine

Or just do not have one at all. One of the reasons gyms are boring to many is because the routine around it is predictable particularly if you have been doing it for a while.

Have your days in the week mapped out in such a way that it does not feel like a routine, for example, you may go for a run with a friend on a Monday, have a play session with kids on a Tuesday, exercise with recorded videos on a Wednesday, use a workout app instead on a Thursday.

You may go for a run at a place you have not been to before, do yoga next to the river, run with your dog and whatever you do, make it something you would go back to any day!

gym, pure fitness
A spontaneous workout. Image from unSplash

There are many more fun ways to workout without going to the gym. Whatever you opt for just make sure, it does not feel like a job!