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The Worst Foods for Your Brain

Your brain is the most important organ in your body. Sure, there are several others that you can’t live without, but the brain controls them all. And not only does it keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing all the time, it is also the repository of everything that makes you, YOU. All your thoughts, feelings, and memories originate or reside in the brain.

It is important to keep this most vital organ happy and healthy. Proper nutrition can mean the difference between a clear head with a sense of purpose and a foggy head with a sense of desperation.The healthy eating also slows the rate of aging-related cognitive decline and reduces the risk of developing dementia.

There are foods that are just the worst for your brain. Indulge too often and you will likely experience confusion, low mood, and slowed reaction times. In a vicious cycle, a depressed brain has poor ability to make the right decisions in order to improve.

If you know you have some bad habits, it is time take attitude. Your brain won’t like a massive dietary overhaul all at once, and even though you know it’s the right choice, you’ll struggle to maintain it. Instead, remove the following items from your diet one by one, making a gradual shift that will protect the health of your brain for the long haul.

The good news is that not all fats are bad for you. However, a particular kind of fat called trans fat does have a detrimental effect on the brain. Trans fats are found naturally in animal products including meat and dairy, but even these are not as problematic as the industrially produced trans fats that get pumped into all sorts of packaged foods.

Sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, energy drinks have little to no nutritional value. Regular consumption of sugary drinks can lead to a whole host of physical impairments, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and yes – Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Refined carbohydrates are products made with processed grains. They may not necessarily taste sweet, but they break down into sugar in your body very quickly. That’s because the refining process strips all of the fiber and nutrition out of the original grain. A meal rich in refined carbs represents a high glycemic load that spikes your blood sugar.

Processed and packaged foods remove important nutrition from whole food and replace it with sugar, fat, and salt. This is our so-called Western diet, one which relies on convenience and fast foods over slow-cooked homemade meals. And we get it – people are busy and sometimes it just isn’t possible to make your own sauces, dressings, pastas, and baked goods.

It’s probably no surprise that alcohol can harm the brain, considering how much stupid stuff people tend to do under the influence. Probably won’t cause permanent damage, but alcoholism and bouts of binge drinking absolutely can.Chronic consumption of alcohol tends to shrink the brain and disrupt the neurotransmitters that your brain uses to communicate. Alcoholics also often experience a vitamin B1 deficiency, which can lead to the development of Korsakoff’s syndrome. That syndrome is responsible for severe brain damage that causes memory loss, confusion, unsteadiness, and intermittent loss of eyesight.

Fish in general is a healthy addition to your diet. It is low in saturated fat yet contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and magnesium. However, some fish is especially high in mercury, which is a heavy metal contaminant and neurological poison. Mercury stays stored in animal tissue (including human) for a long time. It is best to avoid or seriously limit your consumption of tuna, swordfish, orange roughy, king mackerel, shark, and tilefish to prevent disruption of your brain’s neurotransmitters.

Your diet plays a huge role in brain health over the course of your lifetime. Avoiding or seriously reducing your consumption of the foods on our list can improve your cognitive abilities every day as well as into the future when your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia increases.

In general, the more healthy whole foods you can eat, the better protected your brain will be. And a clear, happy brain will remind you of how much good you’re doing for your body, too. In the end, it’s worth it to be able to look back on your life and still have all of your good memories.

So, I wish you a long and healthy life !

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The Best Diets for Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t just a fitness goal. It’s an entire industry filled with a multitude of products, exercise programs, and diets that all promise the same results. This explains why there’s so much confusion about how to actually lose weight. How many calories should you consume? Should you do cardio or strength training? What supplements and powders should you take?

Amidst all the conflicting information, it’s well-known that some diets are better than others in terms of long-term, sustainable, and healthy weight loss. Another certainty is that the same diet may not work for everyone, depending on dietary restrictions, food allergies, wellness goals, pre-existing health conditions, and other factors.

Starting a diet for weight loss begins with the decision to actually start. Deciding on which diet is a whole other story.

To help you decide between the best and worst diets for weight loss, here’s what actual dietitians and doctors have to say. And for more, check out the Best-Ever Weight Loss Tips.

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Stay young and healthy through these simple steps.

Balanced health and fitness exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and a grateful heart, promote health benefits for a young-looking body, brilliant healthy mind, and glowing skin. Staying young means maintaining proper health nurtured not only through physical fitness, however smiling and laughing often has great benefits your overall health.

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Filtered water is cleared of chemicals. Stay hydrated for healthy skin. Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on unSplash

Be young, healthy and merry in these ways:

Keep toxins out of your glorious temple!

There are many chemicals absorbed into our bodies daily the processed diet consumed daily, most of which we are not aware of. Detoxifying your body has many benefits such as getting rid of any unwanted toxins and opens the biochemical pathway called methylation which manages many functions such as alleviating inflammation, supporting DNA and the immune system. You will also prevent heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, and palpitations.

This is how you detoxify your body: your diet should be fruits and raw vegetables, and filtered water including mint, for a reasonable amount of time depending on the toxicity in your gut. For mild gut toxicity, you may stay on a raw diet for a week and for a heftier toxic filled gut, you may need about three to four weeks of gut detoxification.

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Show me your diet and I will tell you your future. Photo by Nadine Primeau on unSplash

Consume a diet which will keep you looking younger

Food such as avocados, asparagus, blueberries, broccoli, garlic, grapefruit, spinach, tomatoes and the curcumin found in Turmeric have health benefits of being able to generate cells for young-looking skin. Diet with vitamin C nutrition content, green and yellow vegetables have antioxidants that help fight the acceleration of aging. You are what you eat, so your nutrition must work for you not against you.

Avoid heavy and strenuous fitness exercises

A lot of people tend to put pressure on themselves to achieve their health and fitness goals by heavy exercises and putting their bodies under strain. Strenuous exercises have a negative impact on the body’s muscles which deny your chance of staying young. When engaging in physical exercise, go for mild exercises to keep you fit and yet healthy, not strained. Yoga is an example of a mild exercise with dedicated poses for retaining your youth and reduce aging.

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Marvel at life. Find joy in the little things! Photo by Zachary Nelson from unSplash

Contentment is the secret to stay young at heart!

Above proper diet and nutrition, regular fitness exercise and having a toxic-free gut, a positive attitude is the cherry on top. Be young at heart, smile and laugh often at yourself and marvel at the beauty that life has to offer. You do not own problems of this world. Yes, life will never be perfect, you just accept that fact and make the most of whatever you have, wherever you are. Above all, you create your own reality with your thoughts, beliefs and certainly your attitude. Have a heart of gratitude because with it comes an abundance of youth!