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What an Interior Architect is ?

If I were to give a definition for the rather unconventional name of interior architect, this would refer to spatiality. At the harmony between inside and outside, at the volumetry of the decorations of a house, at the connections that are established between the various things that populate the space of a home. That is, I move from outside to inside the meaning of the work of an architect.

Interior Design Apartment

As an example, I chose Isabelle Juy – a few of his arrangements where the architect’s contribution to the interior designer’s effort is best seen. Obviously, the creations belong entirely to them, so they are the product of a vision that does not belong entirely to the architect or the interior designer, but is a mixture between these two types of approaches.

Below, for example, it is best to see that the place was configured by an architect. The way in which there has been significant intervention on the construction, with the modifications that recreate the space and offers a completely different functionality, but also a new aesthetic – this can only be the hand of the archite


The beauty of a space is built through the contribution of every detail, no matter how small. From the color of the background, to the material from which the door handle is made, to the folds of the curtain, the table stand – every millimeter arranged counts and can change the look of a room. Or, to put it simply, the details make a difference!

By “construction detail” we do not mean only those elements that immediately sigh admiration: the staircase above, for example, or a smart window placed where you do not expect. Not. We also refer to those details that are often overlooked: the perfection of a straight line, the elegance of an architectural detail, a cornice, an ornament from another era, a geometry of forms.

We hope that the pictures, if not the words, show what an interior architect is and what he can do. We say he can do wonders with the spaces!

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