Friday, October 7, 2022

Subscription  – What does Means?

Subscription – is an arrangement whereby goods, services, or stocks are sold periodically and not individually. If your online business, such as your online store, offers subscriptions, you can use recurring invoices to automate your billing process.

Websites often offer subscriptions that require customers to sign a form of contract or agree to the terms and conditions of that subscription. These terms may describe the duration of the subscription, the renewal procedure, the cancellation policy, the payment terms and the usage limits.

Subscriptions are generally of several kinds, such as:

  • Fixed subscription – which offers a fixed price for a fixed period or quantity
  • Unlimited subscription – offers a fixed price for unlimited access to certain services
  • Pay-as-you-Go subscription – this model allows customers to purchase products or services on a regular basis without any long-term commitment

Below you will find our Subscriptions specially created for all our Users.

Subscription Packs

  • VIP Subscription

    One time payment

    V I P

    15 Upload Content

    35 Guest Posts

    12 products

    1 Dedicated page

    5 Reusable block

    1 Template

    Youtube embed

    Vimeo Embed

    Twitter Embed

    Social Media Link

    2 External Link for each post

    1 Banner for 30 days

    1 Sticker for 30 days

    No recurring

  • Premium Subscription

    One time payment


    5 Upload Content

    15 Guest Posts

    8 Upload Products

    Post in All Category

    2 Images/video per post

    Youtube  embed

    Social Media link

    1 External Link per post

    No recurring

  • Basic Subscription

    One time payment


    2 Upload Content

    4 Guest Posts

    Post in News Category

    1 Upload Product

    1000 words each article

    1 External link per post

    2 image/video each article

    No recurring


  • Trial Subscription

    One time payment


    1 Guest Post

    Up to 600 Words

    1 External Link

    Post in News Category

    1 Image

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