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Strength training for the buttocks muscles




The buttocks muscles not only offer you an aesthetic posterior, but are equally important for the overall functioning of the entire lower chain. You will need strong buttocks to contribute to hip extension and propulsion forward.

Also the strong buttocks are essential for reducing the risk of injury and for alleviating or even disappearing the lumbar pain. In addition, strong buttocks allow you to be more agile, lift heavier weights, climb stairs and walk or run, putting less stress on the joints in the lower chain, thus managing to make your daily life less demanding.

When the gluteal muscles (buttocks muscles) are not strong, the entire lower body area may be out of balance. Pain in the lumbar area may also be a symptom of some weak buttocks.If the buttocks are not activated during walking and other forward movement patterns, it can cause pain and compression on the lumbar vertebrae.

Exercise 1
It starts from the lying position on the back, with the soles straight, with the knees bent and with the arms near the body. The soles must be separated at a width of hips and positioned close to the buttocks.Click on the heel and lift the hips .
The shoulders, hips and thighs should form a straight line at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the floor.Stay in the top position two times and then return to the starting position.
Perform 20 repetitions.

Exercise 2 Start from the stand position, with your feet side by side, and holding a dumbbell in your right hand at chest level. Step with your left foot back, keeping the heel high off the floor.
Lower the back knee, forming a 90-degree angle, so that both knees are bent and then return to the stand position, with the legs straight.
Perform 12 repetitions for each leg (you can also do this exercise without dumbbells).

Exercise 3 Stand with your feet close together and hold your hands together in front of your chest for balance.From this position bend your knees and lower your back until your hips are parallel to the floor. Get up, straighten your legs completely and lift your left foot to your back. Return to starting position and repeat the movement for right leg to complete one repetition. Perform 12 repetitions for each leg.

There are no foods to help you get rid of excess weight in a single region of the body, but there are plenty of foods that will speed up your metabolism. This way you will lose weight proportionately. In order to maximize the results of the exercises, the training program should be accompanied by a balanced and varied eating plan.

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