Monday, May 16, 2022
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Scalp care treatment results are more than just good hair.

Haircare routine has health benefits including healthy skin, from opening blood flow and releasing of natural conditioning oils. However many do not see it this way as the focus is on good hair only. The hair ingredients and methods you use in treating your hair and scalp should result in more than one benefit.

Treatments designed for scalp care can meet your scalp’s needs and offer extra health benefits. Scalp care is one of the key trends defining your overall skin’s health and here is why and how:

good hair, healthy skin
Good hair, healthy skin. Photo by Curology from Unplash

Some of the benefits of scalp care treatment include:

  • Alleviating dead skin cells from the scalp which may result in dandruff and inflammation.
  • Stimulates blood flow around the roots of the hair, which energizes the scalp and promotes hair growth.
  • Nourishing the scalp and rehydrating in order to prevent breakage.
  • Massaging the scalp can ease stress and promote an overall feeling of peace and wellbeing.
Scalp care, blood flow
A deeply nourished scalp promotes good skin too. Photo by Edgar Chaparo from unSplash

Hair products are as important as the diet you consume!

The truth about hair products is that they must be as healthy as the food that you consume daily to nourish your body. You cannot separate your hair from your skin so it is wise to use haircare products that will have no negative side effects on your skin. Scalp scrubs are designed to deeply nourish the scalp, using active ingredients that need to stay on the skin to offer more benefit to the scalp and hair roots. Gail and Garith School of Natural Hair Care are the best to give advice on scalp serums.

Haircare routine, natural conditioning oils
Natural hair nutrition equals healthy skin. Photo by Noah Buscher from unSplash

Scalp serums can come in many forms:

Oil serums: They only contain anhydrous lipophilic ingredients, such as carrier oils and essential oils
Emulsions: They contain a water phase and an oil phase that are combined with an emulsifier.
Bi-phase serums: They contain an oil phase and a water phase without an emulsifier.
Water-based serums/gel-based serums: They are water-based products that can be thickened to make a gel.

Health benefits, Hair ingredients
Thick and healthy hair. Photo by Becca Konzel from unSplash

The scalp serum treatment routine

Scalp serums are usually applied to the scalp before washing the hair. They are massaged into the scalp and let to work for 10-30 minutes; sometimes they are even left overnight. After the serum treatment, the hair is washed with a shampoo and conditioner as per usual. The treatment leads the scalp to release its own natural conditioning oils.

Scalp care products as part of your haircare routine include the scalp serum, scalp scrub and energizing scalp scrub. Opt for physical hair ingredients such as jojoba beads/pearls, ground dried plant material, salt, and sugar. Avoid chemicals infused hair products as they have negative side effects which prevent the growth of healthy skin.

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