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Recent Auto Insurance trends to look out for




Whether with comprehensive insurance or cheap car insurance, the latest competitive innovations are compelling for insurance companies to immerse themselves in these developments. It could be with your financial planning process or an investment, find an angle to have these compatible with what is new in the market to your advantage.

Auto Insurance, Competitive Innovations
Find a reliable car insurance company. Photo by Waldermar Brandt from Unsplash

Insurance companies should move with the latest consumer trends in terms of technology usage. More than 70% of consumers use cellphones for almost everything, from banking, running errands to online meetings. Cheap car insurance covers are becoming more tech-savvy to help customers reach them easily, either to be able to lay a query or chat to a consultant online. This way, customer trends are being incorporated into the communication strategies of businesses with consumers.

Comprehensive Insurance, Financial Planning
Consumer technological usage trends. Photo by Alex Nemo Hanse

Cashback is the keyword in insurance marketing

Insurance companies know how to entice consumers to sign up for insurance as it means you will get something out from the money paying and have not claimed. Cashback is king in car insurance and has a good sound to it. There are insurance covers which offer a certain percentage in premium if you have been claim-free for a number of years. There are ones which offer the cash-back in one year of claim-free.

Great rewards for good behavior

Other great benefits to look out for are multi-car, being a good new driver standard discounts to maintaining a good credit record with the insurance company.
Another highlight is that a good auto insurance company must offer you an automatic withdrawal because no one should be held hostage by an insurance deal. The type of car you own such as an economy car, determines the type of cover you qualify for and discounts. The equipment in the car i.e anti-theft, airbags, anti-brakes to daytime running lights.

Cheap Car Insurance,Investment
The purpose of the car determines the insurance you own. Photo by Scott Umstattd from Unsplash

The Internet of Things in car insurance

Ever heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? A lot of newly made cars come with built-in safety technology and self-driving options. Some of the in-built technologies include added devices which help insurers to collect information about the driving habits of drivers. An example of that type of IoT technology is the Cellcontrol which restricts the use of technology in the care while driving. In the near future, IoT innovation will produce vehicles that are able to communicate with each other to avoid road incidents and deaths. The IoT in car technology is estimated to be a trillion-dollar industry by 2030.


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