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Protect valuable lands and species around the world




Globally, only 5% of the natural lands at high risk of development are protected. Demands on land and water continue to increase, so we must do more and faster.

Each year, 32 million acres of the world’s forests are lost. Together, we can save the landscapes that provide us with so much. Join along with The Nature Conservancy to safeguard public lands, and volunteer to keep our lands and waters healthy.

Every Day Counts !

The complete removal of forests on a certain surface, by cutting them, is done for the purpose of using the land for other purposes (agriculture, pasture, construction) or the use of wood material.

Irrational deforestation leads to the creation of large imbalances in nature by modifying the precipitation regime (drought), the movement of air currents, the degradation and erosion of soils, the occurrence of floods, the loss of biodiversity, due to the extinction of the species of plants and animals and to the increase of the quantity of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with the appearance of the greenhouse effect. Several countries have initiated afforestation or reforestation projects to combat the effects of deforestation or to increase the amount of timber available.

The clearing of the vegetation in the major riverbed has the effect of increasing the flow velocity and consequently a reduction of the water level at the same level, which locally, leads to the reduction of the floodability.

The clearing of meadow forests from major riverbeds should be done only after careful evaluation of the effect of deforestation, in order to avoid negative downstream effects, sometimes considerably local positive effects, which are often very debatable.

As for the trees that often grow on the banks of the minor riverbed, which cannot be designated as a forest, they represent rather a woodland, they play an essential role in maintaining the stability of the minor riverbed and their maintenance is mandatory, except where by means of hydrotechnical arrangements it is sought to modify the route of the minor riverbed.

How about an online forest raid in Romania.

A story in photos. Words are useless:

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