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Proper health care and fitness for your body type




The health benefits for bodybuilding nutrition or weightloss are aligned to your body type. Familiarize yourself with the correct fitness exercises and health care options for your weight. Whether you want to burn more calories or build more muscles, there are various fitness options to give you health benefit.

Body Mass index versus physical exercise: for every individual, their weight must balance their height, the same goes for the amount of exercise suitable for the body type. There is a range of health care options in fitness and physical activities to adhere to depending on your body type to achieve maximum health benefits. and a balanced healthy Body mass Index (BMI). A balanced body weight and height is crucial to help minimize the risk of diseases related to obesity, including Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases and stroke.

Three Main Body types

Lightweight type

which is also called the skinny type, lean build, with difficulty to build muscles, with fast mind also called the ectomorph. No amount of time in the gym is going to make a difference for this type of body, however bodybuilding nutrition can be very beneficial for this type. The metabolism is fast and burns calories faster. Light exercises which focus the body and the mind, such as yoga to help slow down the mind are vital. Exercise such as Tai Chi and Yoga are suitable fitness exercises for proper health care of this body type.

health benefits, fitness
the right exercise for your body type. Image by Alora from UnSplash

Mild weight type

The second one is the Mild weight type who have medium and normal weight. Their body weights would normally be called balanced temperament and well built. They are also called the Mesomorph. The medium sized are easy to build muscles and also burn fat. Although it is not the case with those falling in this category, there are the in-between types, who may not burn fat easily but not build it quickly too. Exercises that should be focused here is to maintain the weight, to avoid weightloss and to also avoid weight gain.

bodybuilding nutrition, health care
Yoga and Ta Chi are best for lightweight body type. Photo By Olenka Kotyk

Heavyweight type

The third type is the Heavyweight type, with a large frame, stable, steady mind and movement. these type of bodies normally have a tendency to store body fat. They are also called the Endomorph. Exercises which should be focused on this body type range from running frequently, lots of body movement exercise to help. Weightloss, belly fat burn and muscle tone fitness exercises are best for this category.

Walking and jogging: they are exercises to that should recognize to make a difference in the body types that do not require heavy exercises. With lightweight individuals, those who consume food with low calories and those with electrically faster metabolism bodies, light exercises are required to avoid inflammation and burnout.



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