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How to Live an Abundant Life


What you will learn in this Exercise:

  • How to be successful
  • The conscious mind and the subconscious mind
  • Cleansing the subconscious
  • The secret process for financial abundanc
  • Practical application Managing emotions – your path to a rich life
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How to Live an Abundant Life Just Doing EFT Exercises For a Month

How to Live an Abundant  Life- you may be wondering. How others can be happy, while you can’t be. How do others find their way to happiness while your path is too tangled Do you want a happy life and to be as carefree as possible?

What inspires you every day? What fills your energy tank when the tasks of the day overwhelm you or when you face life’s challenges?

I strongly believe that every person can design their life the way they want. You just need guidance in this regard. Well,.this exercise will help you achieve your goal and attract abundance into your life as you deserve it.

By performing this EFT Exercise daily for 30 days, you will learn the following:

  • How to be successful in your life
  • Why “classic” recipes fail on how to be successful and what is the missing ingredient that makes the difference
  • What are beliefs and how, by changing one belief, your life can change for the better?
  • An extremely simple and effective technique to attract abundance into your life
  • How to formulate your intentions correctly
  • The secret process by which you can materialize your intentions
  • How to use the Universal Laws of Abundance in your favor and not against you
  • Managing Your Emotions – The Key to Getting Rid of the Past and Enjoying the Present

Try this EFT Exercise and you will be amazed by the results. You can read about EFT Exercise HERE.

Warning: This EFT exercise may do not have the expected effect for everyone. In order to achieve the proposed goal, please follow exactly the instructions regarding the practice of this exercise.

Our ability to persevere, despite obstacles and disappointments, denotes self-confidence. These exercises have no side effects!

EFT exercises are recommended by all psychologists, especially for depression, anxiety, stress, etc.

While EFT has produced remarkable results, it must still be considered an experimental technology. By utilizing any of the educational tools or strategies contained herein, you agree to take complete responsibility for your mental health and for your emotional and physical wellbeing in every way. Neither can Muvison nor the individual authors be held liable for how you choose to use EFT. We recommend that if you feel in any way reluctant to use the EFT approaches in this manual for yourself or others, please do not.
Instead, consult a qualified professional. By moving forward with utilizing this manual, you agree to this disclaimer.

  • You have to agree to disclaimer us and anyone else involved in EFT, of any claims made by someone you tried to help with EFT or that you try to learn them EFT, and did not achieve the expected results.
  • You are also required to instruct those you help with EFT or those you teach EFT to take full responsibility for their emotional and/or physical comfort. 

Important: This course’s EFT takes the form of a demonstration of a very impressive personal improvement tool. It’s training neither in psychology nor in psychotherapy.


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