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Remedies For Minor Pain by Self-Healing


If we do not search within ourselves, we cannot hear the voice, the suffering, the pain. We need to be quiet, to keep our minds quiet, and to talk to ourselves. Only then do we find out why we are suffering, what is the cause of the pain. This EFT exercise will guide you on how to combat minor aches and pains, such as headaches, abdominal pain due to menstruation, joint pain.


Remedies For Minor Pain

Remedies for minor pain with the self-healing process is different from person to person and it is time for YOU to start learning how to identify your needs, but especially to heal your wounds to remove the pain and learn Love and Self-Acceptance.

In order to practice the remedies for minor pain techniques, you need to first identify the pain, the cause that caused the pain, exactly what caused the pain.

These EFT Exercises will be guidance for you on how to get rid of minor, occasional pain that is not the effect of a more serious illness. And yet, if you have a toothache, headache, or joint pain and the effect of painkillers is delayed, we advise you to try this EFT exercise.

You can do this exercise at any time when you have minor pain. If the pain persists you can repeat it. Please perform the exercise calmly to have the desired effect. During the exercise, try to be as relaxed as possible.

This is a course of guidance for change, of healing, of growth, among emotions, memories, and will bring to the surface limiting beliefs that prevent us from living our lives in happiness, in joy, and in peace.

Warning: This EFT exercise may do not have the expected effect for everyone. It depends on your condition, and as a result, this EFT exercise cannot replace the treatment prescribed by a specialist doctor for your pain, but you can practice it in parallel with the treatment prescribed by your GP.  These exercises have no side effects!

While EFT has produced remarkable results, it must still be considered an experimental technology. By utilizing any of the educational tools or strategies contained herein, you agree to take complete responsibility for your mental health and for your emotional and physical wellbeing in every way. Neither can Muvison nor the individual authors be held liable for how you choose to use EFT. We recommend that if you feel in any way reluctant to use the EFT approaches in this manual for yourself or others, please do not.
Instead, consult a qualified professional. By moving forward with utilizing this manual, you agree to this disclaimer.

  • You have to agree to disclaimer us and anyone else involved in EFT, of any claims made by someone you tried to help with EFT or that you try to learn them EFT, and did not achieve the expected results.
  • You are also required to instruct those you help with EFT or those you teach EFT to take full responsibility for their emotional and/or physical comfort. 

Important: This course’s EFT takes the form of a demonstration of a very impressive personal improvement tool. It’s training neither in psychology nor in psychotherapy.


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