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Online gaming is the action or practice of playing video games either totally or partially through the internet or any other computer network available. Online games are available on practically every modern gaming platform, such as PCs, consoles, mobile devices etc. Genres available for online gaming include first-person shooters, strategy games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG).

The history of online gaming

The history of online gaming dates back to the 1970s with packet-based computer networking. An example of early online games is the MUD1, created in 1978. MUD1 was initially confined to an internal network but was later connected to ARPANet in 1980. Commercial games followed in the next decade with Island of kesmai, debuting in 1984 as the first online role playing game. Graphical online games such as MSX LINKS action game  in 1986, the fight simulator air warrior in 1987 and a host of others. The 1990s, where the internet was rapidly available, led to an expansion of online games with the likes of Nexus: The kingdom of the winds, debuting in 1996, Quakeworld in 1996, Ultima online in 1997, lineage in 1998, Starcraft also in 1998, Counter-strike in 1999 and EverQuest also in 1999. The next generations of online games were hosted by video game consoles, such as the Famicom modems in 1987, Sega Meganet in 1990, Satellaview in 1995, SegaNet in 1996, PlayStation 2 in 2000 and the Xbox in 2001. Recent developments include the widely known social games and new platforms like mobile games.



Nepal banned the popular online game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), saying its violent content had a negative impact on children, an official said.
“We have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers,” Sandip Adhikari, deputy director at Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), the nation’s telecoms regulator, told Reuters.
The ban comes into effect from Thursday, April 11th, he said.
Following a request from the Himalayan nation’s federal investigation authority, the regulator directed all internet service providers, mobile operators and network service providers to block streaming of the game from Thursday April 11 , Adhikari said.
PUBG, made by South Korean firm Bluehole Inc, is a survival-themed battle game that drops dozens of online players on an island to try and eliminate each other.
It was launched in 2017 and has a huge global following.

The major leap online gaming has over traditional gaming is ability of online games to allow its users create and play within a real online community, with both online and offline friends and players from all over the world. Popular examples include Fortnite, World of Warcraft and RuneScape. According to a study carried out in 2008, teens who have online gaming experience report much higher levels of political and civic engagements than teens that haven’t had that experience.


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