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New Website Ranks 600 Crypto by Activity Github




New Website Ranks 600 Crypto by Activity Github

New Website Ranks 600 Crypto – The new website Cryptomiso ranks cryptocurrency by activity on GitHub. From indicators, and market capitalization to trading volume, there is a multitude of ways you can evaluate and quantify cryptocurrencies. Traders who speculate and evaluate new crypto projects are prone to fall free in their attempt to discover new profitable resources. The frequency with which the code that governs cryptocurrencies is updated in the GitHub activity provides a good indicator of the projects that were allowed to start.

Cryptomiso is a new website that records the Github chart for over 600 cryptocurrencies, and it’s top 10 contains some surprises.

Cryptomiso – New Website Ranks Crypto

Cryptomiso currently lists the history of committing 600 cryptocurrencies and shows how often their codebase is updated. The top five developers, based on the activity of developers, are predictably linked to new projects or those that have not yet been launched, where much remains to be done. The first group is Cardano, with over 6,500 committees from 51 employees, followed by Lisk, Waves, 0x, and EOS.

Bitcoin is first in top 10 crypto

Bitcoin ranks seventh, just behind Globaltoken, an obscure currency that is only available on Coinexchange. Its total market capitalization is only $ 350,000.

While the coins that are top of the list can safely be regarded as a going concern, those that are bottom of the pile need to buck up their act. The likes of Bigup (609th) and Tittiecoin (608th) are no particular surprise. Nor is Fedoracoin (586th), which warrants a mention if only to note that its ticker is TIPS.

A number of better-known coins and tokens rank surprisingly low on the list though. Red Pulse (567th) only launched in October and has seen just one Github commit since then. Substratum has also only had one commit since launching last year.

At present there’s no means of filtering the results displayed on Cryptomiso, but here’s how the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap rank based on their Github activity:

  1. Bitcoin (7th)
  2. Ethereum (41st)
  3. Ripple (104th)
  4. Bitcoin Cash (94th)
  5. Cardano (1st)
  6. Stellar (71st)
  7. Neo (162nd)
  8. Litecoin (27th)
  9. EOS (5th)
  10. NEM (238th)

As a standalone investment guide, Github activity is of limited use. But as part of a wider suite of tools, Cryptomiso is a useful resource for traders who are willing to do their own research in a bid to make more astute investments.



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