Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Meditative Yoga is more than just physical exercise. It has more to offer!




Consciousness-raising practices elevate your spiritual wellness, emotional health, neurobiology, and genes to increase longevity. Yoga is also a meditative tool exercise which brings peace to mind and body which gives you oomph of positivity to thrive in life.

Meditative Yoga, Emotional health
Yoga helps to increase metabolism. Photo by Kike Vega from unSplash

What Meditative Yoga can do for you:

Benefits for Physical Wellness

  • Reinforces the detoxification process in the body, which deters the aging process and improves your neurobiology.
  • Pain management including, chronic varieties, such as back pain, and Arthritis.
  • Increases metabolism for weight loss and healthy weight management.
  • Better physical control, relaxation, and self-confidence to increase libido and sexual excellence.
  • Reduces depression and its related symptoms when done regularly by releasing internal negative energy.
  • Since yoga creates a strong mind-body connection and a healthy body, it promotes the inward focus on the self. The side effects to these are a better mood, and a blissful you!
Consciousness-releasing practices, Exercise
Yoga for emotional health. Photo by Yishikesh Yogpeet from unSplash

Spiritual wellness benefits

Self-awareness, encompassing your inner passions, values, and beliefs are amongst the plentiful results of consistent yoga practice. When you are tuned within, you are able to manage the ups and downs of life. This practice accelerates your connection to the self, to give you strength and resilience.
No matter what your religious or spiritual practices, you can tap into your individual sense of spirit by doing daily inward checks to keep in tune with your intuition. This exercise can be used for taking quiet downtime to reflect, journal, meditate or pray—whatever helps you feel more connected to yourself.

Spiritual wellness, Mind and body
It is not a religion but a practice that helps you reach the in-depth part of yourself. Image by Indian Yogi-Yogi Madhav

Benefits for Emotional Health

Your emotional health is connected to your physical health, and consistent consciousness-raising practices will have enormous health benefits and happiness throughout life.
Meditative yoga helps you to overcome some of your past traumas, own emotional barriers from the past, and toxic beliefs which are scary to unpack.

The consistent practice helps to give yourself freedom and the opportunity for dynamic growth of mind and body. You can incorporate this practice into your daily physical exercise routine for amazing results.


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