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Inside The World’s Deadliest Migrant Route




Migrant Route: An estimated 19,000 people have been reported dead or missing in the Mediterranean Sea since 2014 as they attempt the treacherous boat journey from Libya or Tunisia to Europe, fleeing war, persecution, and poverty. Since its foundation in 2015, Spanish NGO Open Arms has rescued over 60,000 refugees.

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Tunisia: Cornered by poverty, a family crossed the sea to reach Europe. Onboard the boat, a disabled son and a father ready to immolate himself to save his family.

Source: TV5MONDE Info

Italy: despite pandemic, Lampedusa island overwhelmed by arrivals of migrants

In recent weeks, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, migrant arrivals have multiplied on the Italian island of Lampedusa, creating an untenable situation for local authorities. Geographically closer to Africa than to Europe, Lampedusa is considered a gateway to the European Union.

Source: France 24


But what is the truth about immigration?
It is true that Tunisia’s economy is down to earth, given that its economy is based on tourism, and in the current situation, due to the COVID pandemic, tourism has obviously been blocked.

Due to the financial situation, many Tunisians risk their lives and take the road to immigration to Europe. The entrance gate being obviously Lampedusa, Italy.

I can certainly say that it is still an immigration mafia, there are corrupt people (border police of course) who receive bribes to let them pass unhindered to Lampedusa. There are people who recruit and lie to those who are tempted to immigrate illegally. Payment for a seat on the boat is up to 3000 TND (around about 1k EUR).

They are lying that people will arrive safely in Italy, and there they will be taken over by the Italian government and given a home and social assistance for an indefinite period, and those who have children have the advantage that they can easily obtain residency. (note: OMG!).
People, generally the poor in the villages, believe these stories, and begin to prepare their illegal route to Europe. The poor only know that they can no longer live a miserable life and make their dreams come true, and these dreams for some of them are coming true.

Tunisia is a poor country, the economy is based on tourism, after the revolution of 2011, the economy has weakened, the country has entered an economic and political crisis.

NOT The political situation is the cause of immigration!

Those who take the immigration route want a better life, do not run away from an authoritarian government, it is not a civil war or groups that establish their territories as in Libya. I also live in Tunisia and we are a modest family, of course, I see that life is miserable for some Tunisians, but if they want to work, they have work, especially in agriculture.

Sept 22.2020: Tunisia intercepts 246 migrants bound for Italy in one night

The Tunisian authorities announced on Monday that their naval patrols had intercepted a total of 19 boats carrying 246 migrants hoping to make a new life in Italy. The vast majority of migrants were from Tunisia, 29 of them however came from various other countries.
On Monday, September 21, the Tunisian authorities announced they had intercepted 19 different boats carrying a total of 246 migrants in one single night. The majority of those aboard were of Tunisian nationality.
In fact, in August, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR, 40% of all migrants who arrived in Italy were of Tunisian nationality. In July, the number was even higher, topping 61% of all arrivals. This year alone Italy has seen 22,238 migrants arrive on its shores as of September 20.
In the month of September (again up to September 20) the last available figures record 2,896 migrant arrivals, mostly on the Italian island of Lampedusa, not far from the North African coastlines.

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And now, after 10 years from the Tunisian revolution, immigration has not stopped yet.

Instead of paying human traffickers, increasing numbers of Tunisians are buying their own boats and organizing do-it-yourself sea journeys to Europe.

It appears to be a growing trend.

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