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How To Easily Get Backlinks To Get Top On Google in 2021




What are Backlinks and Why do I need them?

Backlinks are links located in another site that links to the source site. That is, you write an article on a blog where you insert a link to your blog or to another site if you do not already have a blog. Backlinks are used to promote sites other than Search Engines.

The number of backlinks can considerably influence the position of a site in search engines and implicitly the number of visitors. Most search engines attach great importance to this number of backlinks and especially to their value.

Did you create your Blog, did you write quality articles on it, and then? How do get traffic for your blog to how much competition there is on the internet?

It’s like everyone does this, creates blogs! Well, if you have knowledge of SEO, and you know how to play with keywords, then I don’t need to explain to you once again how important SEO is.


It’s time to promote your blog, online of course.

The good news, the number of backlinks helps you to position your site higher in the results displayed by Google.  Yes, you read that right! The number of backlinks your blog has is an important factor that Google takes into account when deciding which position to place your blog in search results.

So, let’s take the advice I will give you in this article with the utmost seriousness and try, in time, to create as many links as possible that will lead to your blog (backlinks).

Important: If you want to get in the first positions in Google, with the blog you manage, only through quality content, you will NOT achieve this very easily and quickly. The competition is very high, maybe you know that.

Few Backlinks, But Qualities backlinks

Avoid the temptation to create a ton of backlinks at once. All backlinks should look natural. As a result, the path you take must be one that you take in small, steady steps.

What can that mean? It may seem tempting to buy a service that offers you 100 or even 1000 backlinks at a time (unfortunately there are such services on Fiverr) but better resists the temptation! This approach can do you more harm than good.

Better for your blog to create 5 new backlinks per month for a year, than 100 backlinks in a week, or worse, to buy hundreds and throw them at random.




The higher the value of the site that offers the backlink, the higher the value of the backlink. Thus, a backlink from a Page Rank 7 site is worth approximately 300 links from Page Rank 1 sites.

A backlink can take many forms, for example, plain text that is linked to the destination site, an image that links to the destination site, or an article that links to the destination site.

The value of the backlink is directly proportional to the value of the element from which the reference is made. The most valuable links are those that come from combined elements (article + image).

Important: So, you made it clear that you can get a backlink for your blog just by writing an article on a site that accepts Guest Post writing.

Some useful tips

To get backlinks follow these simple steps:

1. Write guest posts on the best sites that match your niche. You can write Guest Posts for other famous sites that address the same market segment as you. In exchange for the article you wrote, that site will allow you to insert a link to your blog inside the article. make friends with bloggers in your niche and start writing comments on their blogs, to enter the conversation with the readers of those blogs

2. Make friends with bloggers in your niche and start writing comments on their blogs, to enter the conversation with the readers of those blogs

3. Create accounts on forums and communities that discuss topics specific to the niche you have chosen and start linking discussions with members there and where appropriate insert links to relevant articles on your site or put your site name in your signature.

4. Subscribe to blog posts on the most popular social bookmarking sites. Here are some examples: Pinterest, Reddit, Delicious, Digg.

5. Use other blogging platforms to create mini content sites there and then put links from there to your main blog: Blogger,


List of blogs and websites about lifestyle, entertainment, finance, marketing, and blogging that accept guest posts easy: BuzzFeed, WikiHow, EHow, Blogher, Training Zone, HR Zone, DragDropr, Tidy Repo, and Muvison ( with love).

Were you discouraged? I hope not! As with any service, you need to put in a minimum of effort. But the reward is worth it. After reaching the target, you will have great satisfaction, your blog will also have a reputation.

If you need help with your blog, contact me and I will be happy to help you!

Good Luck!





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