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Traveling for study or work? Health insurance for your situation in 2022




Health insurance for your situation – Work or Study Abroad?

Migrating to a foreign country for work, study, or business? Familiarise yourself with suitable international health insurance plans which suit the travel terms and conditions of your visit, and your financial circumstances. Insurance quotes for students and ex-pats vary from country to country and are also influenced by the purpose of the visit.

There are reasonable insurance plans offered by cheap insurance companies which comply with international health insurance policy standards.

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Medical calculations status graph.

The purpose of the visit determine insurance terms

When you travel as a student or an expat, health insurance has broader coverage than that of traveling on business. The obvious reason is that students and expats travel longer than business individuals.

Long-term insurance is appropriate for students and expats as their travel purposes would mean they will be staying longer for a period of over a year. For individuals on business visits, the coverage is usually shorter with low insurance quotes.

Dominant players in the international health insurance market

Some international medical insurance providers have found innovative ways to make their insurance plans attractive. This includes the introduction of a new component to the business mental wellness policy called mental health pathways plus.

The aim of this extension to the mental health policy is to empower companies to support their employees with addiction problems. These addiction challenges range from gambling, drugs and alcohol addiction, social media addiction.

Aetna international health insurance is one of the pioneers of such an offer. Cigna Global Insurance and Geo Blue Global Medical are amongst the top three popular international medical insurance providers including Aetna.

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 A variety of choices for consumers in the competitive international health insurance market

The global health insurance market is largely heterogeneous and dominant players in this game have used various strategies such as new product launches, expansions, agreements, partnerships, and others to extend their mark.

There are cheap insurance companies or medical institutions with insurance quotes that accommodate foreigners. (Bumrungrad International hospital) Bangkok is one example of super affordable insurance plans. The hospital has a Medical Tourism program in its insurance policy which offers insurance quotes to save up to 80 percent on health care services treatments.

These treatments are for chronic diseases such as arthritis, HIV, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and orphan/rare diseases. This is an affordable offer that meets travel terms and conditions for students and expats.


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