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Guest Posts or Upload Content on Muvison?

Guest Posts – How and Who can write? Almost anyone can write guest posts If you have an interesting story and you want to publish it, or maybe you have sensational news. Nothing simpler, Muvison Have Guest Post Writing Services.

Stop Postponing, Get It Done  If you have products that you want to display for sale, you can upload and display them on our Store page, either if is products from Amazon or other affiliates. Before uploading any content, please read our Terms and Conditions page carefully.

Thank you! Please be aware that Registration may be required to post content on Muvison!

Guidelines to Submit Guest Posts

Before submitting us a Guest Post, please note that you must be registered on our site and meet certain registration criteria, such as:

Account registration

guest posts, upload content, guidelines

  • When you register on our site please provide your real name and choose a username as close as possible to your real name (eg Name Alexandra – Username can be Alexa);
  • Your Avatar profile: we suggest you use a real photo (ideally your photo);
  • Use a valid email address, as your email address will be verified after registration;
  • we Only accept email extensions such as:Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, ProtonMail,  Zoho, or Yandex;
  • Register with your real name, Name, and Surname;

Important: Failure to comply with these criteria will result in the suspension of the account;

Creating and Submitting the Post

In order for your posts to be approved and displayed on our site they must meet the following parameters:

  • Each post must be exclusive to our site and be unique, not paraphrased and not duplicated;
  • Each post must be directly related to chosen category;
  • Each post can be informal but still keep them professional format;
  • Each post must contain a minimum ~600 words;
  • Each post is limited to one (1) outbound link to your site;
  • External linking references must only indicate high quality and trusted sources;
  • We Do Not accept articles related to Adult, Gambling, illegal or prescription drugs;
  • Each post may contain (1) inbound link;
  • You agree to share the posted article within your social networks; Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, others.
  • After publishing an article on our site, it will be copyrighted to us and you may publish that article anywhere else, but if we found it to be redistributed to other websites it is removed here;
  • Detection of self-sending second-tier links to your live published article on your site, for manipulating internet search engine results will warrant its removal (Must not externally link to your own properties for the purpose of search engine ranking manipulation);
  • You agree that we have the full authority to change, edit or delete the article.
  • Grammarly Optimised content is required.
  • Your article will provide value to the reader and should not be written solely to generate an external hyperlink.
  • Your article must provide full details of the chosen topic and category. This can help you to build your larger personal network by making a name for yourself in the news!
  • Content should be properly formatted and adhere to SEO best practices;
  • Posts not approved will be deleted after 48 hours (We give you this time to improve your content for reconsideration)
  • Spam posts will include removal of the post, account, and an IP Ban.

Guidelines for Content

Guest posting, submit post, submit your story

  • Use paragraph format if possible;
  • Headers should be H3 or H4. Please do not use bold;
  • If you use bullet points, please keep each bullet one after another;
  • Keep the length of your sentences maximum 25-30 words;
  • Write in an active voice as much as possible;
  • Include 1 Featured image minimum 750*400px With the proper title and alt tag (less than 150kb) related to the post topic;
  • Please Create a Perfect URL;
  • You can add any kind of affiliate link in your article;
  • Submitted content must be written by you as the original author;
  • Your article must provide full details of the chosen topic and category;
  • We Do Not Accept any external link to pornographic sites, illegal or containing prescriptions for drugs;
In addition, please read carefully our Terms and Conditions of use of our site.
Thank you!
Important: We accept the posting of advertising banners on our site. Please submit your offers at the email address: Have a question about your Subscription or about Guest Posts? For any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


Upload Content Terms

What are Guest Posts? Well, is publishing an article on someone else’s website. It’s that simple. And people do this every day to can get more brand awareness.

Almost anyone can write a guest post, but few can write a really good one that goes viral. Generally is hard to “make” a post go viral, but maybe does not need to go viral.

It just needs to be helpful and well-written to generate traffic, and of course, don’t forget to backlink to your website. Data suggest that more content means your web page has odds for a high position in Google results.

For a detailed overview of how to write a post for people and search engines check out SEO articles.

We do accept limited posts under the following parameters:
–Each post must be exclusive to our site.
–Each post must be relative to the chosen category
–Each post can be informal but please still keep them professional format.
–Each post must contain a minimum ~600 words
–Each post is limited to one (1) outbound link to your site.
–Each post may contain (1) inbound link.
–You agree to share the posted article within your social networks; Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, others.

Guidelines for submission:

Use paragraph format if possible
–Headers should be H3 or H4. Please do not use bold.
–If you use bullet points, please keep each bullet one after another.
–Keep the length of your sentences maximum 25-30 words.
–Write in active voice as much as possible.
–Include 1 Featured image minimum 750*400px With the proper title and alt tag (less than 150kb) related to the post topic
–Content must be unique and unpublished anywhere else.
-Please Create a Perfect URL

Embedding Relevant Links is an opportunity to embed a link to one of your sites.
Nofollow might hurt SEO
It will be interesting to see how many bloggers add the Nofollow attribute to outbound links. Why? Because adding rel-no-follow to outbound links removes much of the incentive for people to contribute content to a blog as a guest contributor. Some people just want to get the word out, but in our experience, the vast majority of people who contribute to blogs are hoping for a link.

Important Note: Please note that any payment for posting an article on our site will not be refunded if your article is deleted due to a violation of the Muvison site terms and conditions. We will remove spam or scrapping articles.

If your article is unique then we will publish your articles immediately otherwise we will delete your articles.

Thank you!

Note: If you have any questions regarding how to fill the form above, please consult the Frequent Questions.

Subscription Package

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