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How Global Tyranny and The Great Reset Was in 2021 due to COVID Pandemic




Global Tyranny and The Great Reset

The agenda for the World Economic Forum for 2030 includes the strangely ominous saying that “you will have nothing and you will be happy”.

The undeclared implication is that the world’s resources will be owned and controlled by the technocratic elite and you will have to pay for the temporary use of absolutely everything.

Nothing will actually belong to you. All articles and resources must be used by the collective, while effective ownership is limited to a higher stratum of social class. How will this imposed servitude make you happy?

Again, the undeclared implication is that lack of ownership is convenient – it just makes your life easier. Rent a pot and then return it. You don’t need storage! Imagine your freedom! I even promise the convenience of automatic delivery of drones directly to your door.

Artificial intelligence – which siphoned data on every aspect of your life through almost every piece of technology and device you own – will drive your life, predicting your every disposition and desire, satisfying every whim.

WEF founder Klaus Schwab
WEF founder Klaus Schwab describes these plans

Ah, the luxury of not having to make decisions, maybe you say!

Global tyranny and the great reset – tinkering on the margins

In this interview, CJ Hopkins, an American playwright, novelist, and columnist who currently resides in Berlin, Germany, discusses the implementation of the globalist plan for a new normal, also known as the Great Reset.

• CJ Hopkins, a playwright, novelist, and columnist describes the two phases of implementation of the Great Reset as an initial shock-and-awe phase, followed by a more insidious reprogramming phase in which we’re trained to accept our lot as subjugated slaves within a totalitarian control system

• Phase 2 includes the implementation of a segregation system based on vaccination requirements

• In the U.S., 14 states have implemented laws banning the requirement of vaccine passports to prevent a two-tier society from forming. In Europe, however, due to the smaller sizes of each country, it’s easier to impose ideological uniformity.

• The lifting of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals is a strategy to coerce compliance with vaccination. Being coerced into compliance in order to “regain” basic human freedom is no freedom at all.

• It’s crucial to push back against all efforts to implement social segregation of unvaccinated individuals. You do this with peaceful civil disobedience, and insisting on not being discriminated against.

Global Redesign Initiative
WEF’s 2030 Agenda is an integral part of what is now promoted as The Great Reset

Global Tyranny and The Great Reset – I will Own Nothing and I will be Happy

In a video announcement in mid-November 2020, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: “This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset. This is our chance to accelerate our pre-pandemic efforts to reimagine our economic systems that actually address global challenges such as extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change. ”

However, some are beginning to realize that these narratives of “better rebuilding” and “resetting” the economy to ensure “equity” are proverbial mousetraps. Once you bite the cheese, you will be stuck, cut off from your freedom forever.

In a video on YouTube, author Douglas Kruger explains why freedom is impossible without the right to private property. The technocratic elite, of course, does not want you to understand the real-world ramifications of what they have planned.

Global Tyranny and Great Reset
A new form of global governance

They are trying to sell this evil idea as something that will benefit society and ultimately make life right for everyone. It is an attractive narrative, but a dangerous fantasy to buy.

WEF’s 2030 Agenda is an integral part of what is now promoted as The Great Reset, a plan that originated in something called the Global Redesign Initiative, developed by WEF in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis. describes the initiative as “multi-stakeholder” as “a new form of global governance”.

On a side note, as I entered the reference of the Transnational Institute, I noticed that the URL contained the words “taxonomy term deletion backup later”. I don’t know if that means anything, but I’ve archived the page just in case.



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