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Game: Funny Sketches About PUBG




PUBG Logic Supercut- funny sketches

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) is a competitive survival shooter game where players are dropped into a wide, open area. PUBG is now being developed by PUBG Corp, a Bluehole subsidiary company in cooperation with Brendan Greene (PLAYERUNKNOWN) as the Creative Director, PUBG is Greene’s first standalone game.

The game itself is a take on the Battle Royale concept – a number of people are released onto an island, last person standing wins. To do that, you’ve got to find weapons, kill people you see, and avoid danger. It started life as a mod for Arma 2, where PlayerUnknown himself (who has the much more sensible name of Brendan Greene) was creating what he wanted to be the definitive Battle Royale experience. He then co-developed H1Z1: King of the Kill, a similar concept for the zombie survival game H1Z1, before moving to Bluehole Inc to work on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Each match pits about 100 people against each other, some of which can be in teams, while others will be going it alone. Winners receive their prestigious ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’ title, on top of an in-game currency that lets them purchase cosmetic items.

There’s two main tactics for winning in PUBG – go on a rampaging killing spree, or hide away until the time is right. The former will net you slightly more rewards at the end of the game, but it’s negligible. Which tactic you go for depends on your playing style and the guns you find.

Everyone starts a match without a single weapon, they’ve got to scavenge in buildings to find guns, ammo, first aid kits, and so on. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an array of weapons, typically one long-range rifle with a magnifying scope and one short-range weapon like a shotgun. This allows you to choose if you want to go hunting for other players, risking your own life more directly, or hide away and ambush someone who gets too close.

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