Wednesday, October 27, 2021

If you still have questions and have not found the answer here, feel free to Contact us through the contact form. Please be aware that you will receive a response within 24 hours to your requests if your requirements are outside of our working hours.

Frequent Questions

Yes. There is the option to upload a video or image. Also, you can embed a video from Youtube.

Yes, there is a limit of 5MB to upload the files and 800 words to post content with the trial package. If you want to load products with a large volume, consider a subscription.

There is a Free Charge to publish content or to Upload products on the Muvison site with Trial Package.

Published articles will never be deleted The products uploaded on the Store page will be displayed in a limited time, depending on the subscription purchased.  After the time expires, your products will be moved for another 10 days in the Draft. If you want to keep the Products in the Store for more than 30 days, please consider a subscription.

Visit the subscription page and choose a package with suit your needs

Yes, you can. In order to post content from your My Account, you need to register in advance.

Your post will be published to the category you have chosen after being reviewed by one of our editors. If the content violates our Terms and Conditions on the Muvison site, you will be notified to re-edit the content.

Your product will be published on the Store page after being reviewed by one of our sales representatives.

Published articles will not be deleted, while products will only be displayed for a limited time, depends on the subscription purchased.


Yes of course. You can always reactivate expired posts or products, but keep in mind that the content or product can only be activated when are on the Draft. After 30 days, the products stored in Draft may be permanently deleted. Contact us to reactivate your posts or product moved to Draft.

While you fill out the form, you can move it to Draft and finish editing later. If you have already submitted the content, do not worry, your content will be reviewed anyway and we will notify you before come live.

This is very simple. You can contact us anytime through the contact form, or through our Facebook page or Twitter. You can also send us an email at Please allow a little time to get a response from one representative. Usually, you will receive a response within 24 hours.

For any request or complaint please use the contact form from the Top Menu on Muvison. Please allow a little time to get a response from a site representative. Usually receive a response within 24 hours. If there is something urgent, please send us an email to

Unfortunately, you cannot Upload Content without being registered on our site beforehand.

Any products you have for sale. You can also embed the products from Amazon. However, there are some restrictions regarding the content of articles, images, or products (we cannot accept products/images/content with sexual connotations, weapons, or explosive products description). Please read the Terms and Conditions in advance.

Only English is accepted, to upload content or product description on our site, but your content/product description can be translated into one of the languages displayed in the widget - Select Language - from the Top Menu.