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Fortnight is an online video gaming sensation developed and published by Epic games, released in 2017. It’s available on Ps4, Xbox one, windows, macOS, Nintendo switch, android and iOS.

Fortnight is currently being distributed as three different game modes, using similar graphics, art assets, game mechanics and same game engines. The first game mode called Fortnite: save the world was released on the 25th of July 2017 as early access titles. It is player-versus-environment shooter survival game with four players cooperating in various missions towards s common objective. The second game mode called Fortnight Battle Royale was also released in 2017, it is a free-to- play player-versus battle royale game with up to a 100 players, allowing one to play alone, play in a duo or play in a squad to fight to be the last person standing. The third called Fortnight creative was released on December 6th 2018. It is a sand box game mode where players are given complete freedom to create worlds and battle arenas of their own. Some of the most popular creations from this game mode are reviewed and rotated into the battle royale game map in a secluded area called “the block”. 

Fortnite has been a tremendous success since its release. The save the world mode achieved one million players by August 2017 just before the release of the Battle Royale game mode. Just within two weeks of its release, the Battle Royal game mode had over 10 million players. Revenue from the Battle Royal mode during the first half of 2018 was estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars per month, with its total revenue at the end of 2018 estimated at $2.4 billion. The Battle Royal game mode has also become an internet sensation with several celebrities such as Drake, Travis Scott, Pittsburgh Steelers and KimDotCom reported to be players. Athletes also make use of Fortnite emotes as victory celebrations. Epic games are working towards organized eSports competitions around Fortnite Battle Royale including a Fortnite worldcup tournament in 2019. 

Fortnite has bagged a number of nominations and awards since its release. In 2017 it was nominated for “Best Co-op game” by PC gamer, “Best Spectator Game” by IGN, “Best multiplayer” by The Games Awards and a host of other nominations. In 2018 it won the awards for “Best Ongoing Game” by PC gamer and IGN, “Choice video game and Best Competitive Game” by Teen choice Awards and a host of other awards and nominations. In 2019 it won an Excellence Prize at the Famitsu Awards, “Best Evolving Game” at the Italian Video Games Awards, “Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game” at the Webby Awards and a host of other awards and nominations. 

Asides the great success of the video game, parents and teachers have expressed displeasure and shown concern that young students are being distracted from social life and school work due to playing Fortnite. The release of the mobile client has even made it more accessible and mobile. Concerns have also been raised about the impact the game has on young children since it depicts gun violence. 


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