Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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F1 Russian Grand Prix

F1 Russian Grand Prix the Formula 1 season gets underway today, 26 September

F1 Russian Grand Prix: The 15th race in the Formula 1 season gets underway today, 26 September and, after heavy rain caused disturbances during Saturday’s qualifying session, the drivers will have their fingers crossed that the weather will be suitable for the afternoon’s much-anticipated race. Lando Norris of McLaren starts on pole, with Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) second and George Russell (Williams) third respectively.

On this Russian GP live blog, we’ll have all the updates from the Sochi Autodrom.

This is the start of Sunday’s Russian Grand Prix. We’ll have all the build-up and then updates from the race itself and with the entries nearest the top.

2021 Drivers’ Standings

  1. Lewis Hamilton 246.5 (Mercedes)

    Lewis Hamilton
    September 2021, Russia F1
  2. Max Verstappen 244.5 (Red Bull)

    Max Verstappen
    September 2021, Russia F1
  3. Valtteri Bottas 151 (Mercedes)

    Valtteri Bottas
    September 2021, Russia F1
  4. Lando Norris 139

    Lando Norris
    September 2021, Russia F1
  5. Sergio Perez 120 (Red Bull)

    Sergio Perez
    September 2021, Russia F1
  6. Carlos Sainz 112.5 (Ferrari)

    Carlos Sainz
    September 2021, Russia F1
  7. Charles Leclerc 104

    Charles Leclerc
    September 2021, Russia F1
  8. Daniel Ricciardo 95 (McLaren)

    Daniel Ricciardo
    September 2021, Russia F1
  9. Pierre Gasly 66
  10. Fernando Alonso 58
  11. Esteban Ocon 45
  12. Sebastian Vettel 35
  13. Lance Stroll 24
  14. Yuki Tsunoda 18
  15. George Russell 16
  16. Nicholas Latifi 7
  17. Kimi Raikkonen 6
  18. Antonio Giovinazzi 1
  19. Mick Schumacher 0
  20. Robert Kubica 0
  21. Nikita Mazepin 0

Lewis Hamilton has pitted for intermediates from second but Norris stays out! The rain has briefly relented but more is expected any moment now. If there’s no more rain he could hold on. It’s treacherous at turns 5-9 but everywhere else it seems ok. Stroll has spun as has Gasly.

Lewis Hamilton claims 100th win!

Lewis Hamilton has his 100th victory in Formula One, a stunning achievement. Max Verstappen salvages second from the back and Carlos Sainz completes the podium.


Source: marca.com

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