Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Covid-19 Vaccine: How Scientists Continue To Push False Info About the Benefits




Covid-19 Vaccine: Come and Find Out False info About the Benefits

COVID-19 Vaccine: Scientists continue to push false info about the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine in people who had Covid-19.

The same false information that top immunization advisers and officials at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) promulgated months ago somehow worked its way into an article in the medical journal Science published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The information incorrectly claimed, once again, that a new study showed people with natural immunity to Covid-19 after infection benefit further if they still get vaccinated, anyway.

COVID-19 VACCINE: Natural Immunity is Far Superior to vaccination in preventing Covid-19

The writer of the article appeared to use the misinformation to try to undercut the findings of the large study in Israel that found natural immunity is far superior to vaccination in preventing Covid-19. The study amplifies the results of many other studies that concluded the same thing.

The mistake in the Science article is oddly similar to disinformation repeatedly put out by CDC, which continues to push people with natural immunity to get vaccinated.

Last December, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) flagged CDC’s false information, signed off by its entire top team of immunization advisers. CDC top officials and scientists promised to correct it. However, the CDC scientists and officials continued to make false claims to doctors and the public.

When Massie flagged the untrue information again, CDC eventually issued a correction. However, the correction was so obtuse, it continued to give the same wrong impression: that studies showed people who already had Covid-19 somehow further benefit from vaccination.

False information about COVID-19 Vaccine in Twitter

In the case of the false information being published in Science, it was flagged by a reader on Twitter.

The journal then deleted the false information and posted a clarification.

false information about COVID-19 vaccine

Clearly, there is an organized attempt to use fabricated scientific claims to convince people who have had Covid-19 to get vaccinated despite the fact that a growing body of studies shows no benefit to them. The idea that these claims are generated by or repeated by top scientific authorities, such as CDC, is remarkable.

Source: Sharyl Attkisson  Untouchable Subjects. Fearless, Nonpartisan Reporting.


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