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What’s the normal weight to adults

Did you know that 43 percent of women and 38 percent of men 60 and older are obese ?

However, some evidence suggests that in older people, defining overweight and obesity is tricky, and a few extra pounds may be healthy. It’s kind of a controversial area in terms of where the cutoff points for overweight and obesity should be in older adults.

Weighty Issues

There’s no doubt that being too heavy is harmful to health. “In the older pop­ulation, carrying too much extra weight makes many chronic conditions worse, including heart and liver disease, osteo­arthritis, and sleep apnea,” says Alexis Eastman, M.D., medical director for the division of geriatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

And the higher your weight, the greater the risk of concerns such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

What’s a Healthy Weight for You?

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 43 percent of women and 38 percent of men 60 and older are obese. However, some evidence suggests that in older people, defining overweight and obesity is tricky, and a few extra pounds may be healthy.

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The Worst Foods for Your Brain

Your brain is the most important organ in your body. Sure, there are several others that you can’t live without, but the brain controls them all. And not only does it keep your heart beating and your lungs breathing all the time, it is also the repository of everything that makes you, YOU. All your thoughts, feelings, and memories originate or reside in the brain.

It is important to keep this most vital organ happy and healthy. Proper nutrition can mean the difference between a clear head with a sense of purpose and a foggy head with a sense of desperation.The healthy eating also slows the rate of aging-related cognitive decline and reduces the risk of developing dementia.

There are foods that are just the worst for your brain. Indulge too often and you will likely experience confusion, low mood, and slowed reaction times. In a vicious cycle, a depressed brain has poor ability to make the right decisions in order to improve.

If you know you have some bad habits, it is time take attitude. Your brain won’t like a massive dietary overhaul all at once, and even though you know it’s the right choice, you’ll struggle to maintain it. Instead, remove the following items from your diet one by one, making a gradual shift that will protect the health of your brain for the long haul.

The good news is that not all fats are bad for you. However, a particular kind of fat called trans fat does have a detrimental effect on the brain. Trans fats are found naturally in animal products including meat and dairy, but even these are not as problematic as the industrially produced trans fats that get pumped into all sorts of packaged foods.

Sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, energy drinks have little to no nutritional value. Regular consumption of sugary drinks can lead to a whole host of physical impairments, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and yes – Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Refined carbohydrates are products made with processed grains. They may not necessarily taste sweet, but they break down into sugar in your body very quickly. That’s because the refining process strips all of the fiber and nutrition out of the original grain. A meal rich in refined carbs represents a high glycemic load that spikes your blood sugar.

Processed and packaged foods remove important nutrition from whole food and replace it with sugar, fat, and salt. This is our so-called Western diet, one which relies on convenience and fast foods over slow-cooked homemade meals. And we get it – people are busy and sometimes it just isn’t possible to make your own sauces, dressings, pastas, and baked goods.

It’s probably no surprise that alcohol can harm the brain, considering how much stupid stuff people tend to do under the influence. Probably won’t cause permanent damage, but alcoholism and bouts of binge drinking absolutely can.Chronic consumption of alcohol tends to shrink the brain and disrupt the neurotransmitters that your brain uses to communicate. Alcoholics also often experience a vitamin B1 deficiency, which can lead to the development of Korsakoff’s syndrome. That syndrome is responsible for severe brain damage that causes memory loss, confusion, unsteadiness, and intermittent loss of eyesight.

Fish in general is a healthy addition to your diet. It is low in saturated fat yet contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and magnesium. However, some fish is especially high in mercury, which is a heavy metal contaminant and neurological poison. Mercury stays stored in animal tissue (including human) for a long time. It is best to avoid or seriously limit your consumption of tuna, swordfish, orange roughy, king mackerel, shark, and tilefish to prevent disruption of your brain’s neurotransmitters.

Your diet plays a huge role in brain health over the course of your lifetime. Avoiding or seriously reducing your consumption of the foods on our list can improve your cognitive abilities every day as well as into the future when your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia increases.

In general, the more healthy whole foods you can eat, the better protected your brain will be. And a clear, happy brain will remind you of how much good you’re doing for your body, too. In the end, it’s worth it to be able to look back on your life and still have all of your good memories.

So, I wish you a long and healthy life !

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The Nuances of Makeup

While searching for cosmetics, you ought to look for makeup that’s noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic. Even the ideal makeup can turn out hideous if you don’t understand how to utilize it!

Wearing makeup can boost your best features and cause you to truly feel glamorous and lovely. If you’re aged 40 or older and you opt for the incorrect makeup it can cause you to look older and draw attention to the imperfections which you would rather conceal.

An excessive amount of makeup can cause you to resemble a clown, ghost, corpse, or lots of different creatures. Too much” makeup, together with inadequate makeup selection, can be an extremely terrible thing indeed.

Getting your wedding makeup done by means of a professional is likely to make certain you are looking perfect on your special moment. Just a couple of things you need to think about before selecting an industrial makeup artist. Don’t forget that cosmetics are utilized to improve your appearance. There are primarily two varieties of cosmetics natural and artificial. They can either make you or break you if you know what I mean, too much makeup can ruin a good look, and if not enough makeup is applied then the good look you do not get.

Beauty cosmetics are able to make a drastic shift in an individual’s features, as they enhance the best characteristics and cover the blemishes.

Makeup has existed for many centuries. Having said this, the makeup isn’t tough to eliminate. Your makeup should adhere to precisely the same rule. It’s therefore a good idea to learn the right means of applying makeup.

Another most important thing about your makeup is the item caliber of your makeup that you’re likely to apply. Different makeup is readily available for different sections of the face. For the simplest way to begin with a new face makeup beauty regimen, Lauren Hutton Good Stuff makeup has an instruction booklet and completely free video that lets you know where the makeup should go as well as other beauty secrets and makeup tips that Lauren has learned from the best makeup artists for more than four decades.

As soon as your makeup is correctly applied, it leads to greater confidence whilst posing before the camera. In the event the makeup done on face have a tendency to smudge, run or fade within a couple hours, it’s important to use something which would continue to keep the makeup intact for the whole night and day. Thus, you must pack your makeup during traveling in a really careful way. When the grease makeup has set, it ought to be fairly smudge-proof. It is not only a way of beautifying ourselves but it should also be an experience of great joy.

Now-a-days makeup has an important role for the both women and men.

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Strength training for the buttocks muscles

The buttocks muscles not only offer you an aesthetic posterior, but are equally important for the overall functioning of the entire lower chain. You will need strong buttocks to contribute to hip extension and propulsion forward.

Also the strong buttocks are essential for reducing the risk of injury and for alleviating or even disappearing the lumbar pain. In addition, strong buttocks allow you to be more agile, lift heavier weights, climb stairs and walk or run, putting less stress on the joints in the lower chain, thus managing to make your daily life less demanding.

When the gluteal muscles (buttocks muscles) are not strong, the entire lower body area may be out of balance. Pain in the lumbar area may also be a symptom of some weak buttocks.If the buttocks are not activated during walking and other forward movement patterns, it can cause pain and compression on the lumbar vertebrae.

Exercise 1
It starts from the lying position on the back, with the soles straight, with the knees bent and with the arms near the body. The soles must be separated at a width of hips and positioned close to the buttocks.Click on the heel and lift the hips .
The shoulders, hips and thighs should form a straight line at an angle of approximately 45 degrees to the floor.Stay in the top position two times and then return to the starting position.
Perform 20 repetitions.

Exercise 2 Start from the stand position, with your feet side by side, and holding a dumbbell in your right hand at chest level. Step with your left foot back, keeping the heel high off the floor.
Lower the back knee, forming a 90-degree angle, so that both knees are bent and then return to the stand position, with the legs straight.
Perform 12 repetitions for each leg (you can also do this exercise without dumbbells).

Exercise 3 Stand with your feet close together and hold your hands together in front of your chest for balance.From this position bend your knees and lower your back until your hips are parallel to the floor. Get up, straighten your legs completely and lift your left foot to your back. Return to starting position and repeat the movement for right leg to complete one repetition. Perform 12 repetitions for each leg.

There are no foods to help you get rid of excess weight in a single region of the body, but there are plenty of foods that will speed up your metabolism. This way you will lose weight proportionately. In order to maximize the results of the exercises, the training program should be accompanied by a balanced and varied eating plan.

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Ideal Body Weight Is a Goal For You ?

When people begin to think to weight loss, it makes sense that they place a heavy emphasis on the number they see on the scale. It’s easy to measure, it’s easy to track, and it makes it very salient whether you’re making progress toward the ideal body weight you’ve set for yourself.

So what’s the deal with weight loss? How did this simple number grow to carry so immense weight and power?

Well, because a lot of us dreams to have a ideal body weight with a particular feeling—if we weigh a certain amount we’ll look a certain way. If we reach a certain number on the scale then we will feel a particular way about ourselves.

When we reach our sacred number we either:

  1. Reach this goal and you don’t feel the way what you expect.
  2. Reach the feeling we want but haven’t met our goal weight yet.

In either case, there is confusion and frustration swirling inside us. In the first case, we think our original ideal body weight might not have been enough. We need to get leaner and leaner until we achieve the feeling we’re after leading to obsessive and unhealthy practices.

In the second case, we might feel like we’ve fallen short of our goal. We feel good about ourselves and where we’re at, but something about those elusive few extra pounds gnaws at our accomplishments.

The truth of the matter is that “ideal body weight” is more of a range than a hard target. And the ideal body weights on most charts can be wildly inaccurate.

There will always be a weight at which you feel your best. As long as your bloodwork comes out in good ranges, then your actual body weight is less important. I get it, it can be hard to set aside this number we see at our feet every morning.

Whether we can convince ourselves of its reduced importance or not, this information will still hold some meaning of progress for us. Instead of trying to ignore this, let’s instead dilute its power with a variety of other, non-scale forms of success that can also be easily tracked.

After getting into a regular exercise routine you may notice you have more energy in the morning and throughout the day compared to when you didn’t exercise. This is one of the benefits of a healthy diet and regular activity. You might even find that you don’t need as much coffee or any at all!

Exercise has been shown to provide mood-enhancing benefits. In fact, exercise has become more popular as a prescribed treatment for depression, as it can alleviate many depressive symptoms. Aside from direct mood-enhancing mechanisms, the increased self-esteem and confidence gained from regular exercise can also put you in a better all-around mood.

Do you find that you naturally gravitate toward healthier food options? Perhaps you were forced to miss a workout, and something just didn’t quite feel right.

A good indication of progress is when fitness activities (food prep, exercise, logging, etc.) feel natural and not forced. These activities start to become part of your life, and as such it will be easier to maintain these healthy habits for the long haul.

Are you making progress in these other areas? If so, chances are your fitness program is doing exactly what it is meant to do—improve your health, your appearance, and your overall well-being.

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Home: The Best Interior design trends

Vintage aesthetics making updated comebacks along with new interior design trends taking shape. To discover favorite takes on notable interior design trends 2019, read on to find out what interior designers had to say on what’s in and what’s out for 2019 and beyond.

types of maximalist interior design.

Maximalism. When looking to bring in transitional and eclectic design styles into your home, a maximal spirit will afford you so much more freedom when considering interesting decorative objects that anything but standard and streamlined in appeal. With maximalism, you’ll have much more freedom to follow your instinct which in turn, will make the design process so much easier. The key to getting warm maximalism right is to keep a well-judged edit and visual consistency so your efforts don’t appear as heavy-handed or over stimulating. Instead, stick to no more than three contrasting colors, patterns, and finishes for a more timeless take on maximalism that won’t feel dated or tiring anytime soon.

type of contemporary interior design.

Contemporary. People also continuing to ask for thoroughly modern updates to their fireplaces and interior designers often find themselves suggesting elevated ribbon and strikingly minimal fireplaces that leave a subtle design note in their homes. A contemporary fireplace will always appear timeless while adding defining value to your property.

Yin and yang. Yin/Yang is at the foundation of Feng Shui philosophy and hence has a number of critical applications to the practice of balanced, harmonious interior design: YIN ENERGY: Yin energy represents quiet, non-active areas of the home (such as the bedroom). Yin is a feminine concept which is dark, passive, and yielding.

The Yin/Yang concept explains and demonstrates the ways in which our world is interconnected and delicately balanced. It has to do with the recognition that the universe is made up of opposite forces of energy that need to be offset and kept in balance by the pressures exerted by the other.

Feng Shui interior design

YIN ENERGY: Yin energy represents quiet, non-active areas of the home (such as the bedroom). Yin is a feminine concept which is dark, passive, and yielding. Yin design characteristics include: circular shapes, rounded edges, darker more muted colors, low level furniture, upholstered furniture, velvet and corduroy fabrics/textures, carpeting and area rugs, smaller, detailed prints, soft window coverings.
YANG ENERGY: Yang energy represents places for gathering and active areas of the home (such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room). Yang is a masculine concept which is bright, hard, active, and extroverted. Yang design characteristics include: bright lighting, whites and bright colors, angular furniture and accessories, squared corners, bold feature walls, large patterns, and striking objects.

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The Best Diets for Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t just a fitness goal. It’s an entire industry filled with a multitude of products, exercise programs, and diets that all promise the same results. This explains why there’s so much confusion about how to actually lose weight. How many calories should you consume? Should you do cardio or strength training? What supplements and powders should you take?

Amidst all the conflicting information, it’s well-known that some diets are better than others in terms of long-term, sustainable, and healthy weight loss. Another certainty is that the same diet may not work for everyone, depending on dietary restrictions, food allergies, wellness goals, pre-existing health conditions, and other factors.

Starting a diet for weight loss begins with the decision to actually start. Deciding on which diet is a whole other story.

To help you decide between the best and worst diets for weight loss, here’s what actual dietitians and doctors have to say. And for more, check out the Best-Ever Weight Loss Tips.

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Foods That are Good for Your Heart

Diet is vitally important to all aspects of your health, but it’s smart to pay a little extra attention to your heart. As the body’s engine, you certainly can’t live without it. And a troubled heart has a ripple effect on the wellbeing of your entire body. Heart disease is also often linked to other complaints like high blood pressure, endocarditis, and coronary artery disease. You will likely experience chronic fatigue, nausea, and dizziness.

So to head off heart disease before it can take hold, evaluate your diet and see if you can make some better choices. The following foods, in combination with regular exercise, are especially good for your heart.


Fish: Salmon

You probably already know that fish is an important part of a heart-healthy diet. Salmon is an especially great choice because it is packed with omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in omega-3s has been found to improve the metabolic markers for heart disease. As a bonus, you’ll get a good deal of selenium, which is an antioxidant that protects the health of your entire cardiovascular system.

What you might not know is that you must choose wild salmon, not farmed. 70% of the fish you’ll find at the grocery store it’s not at all equal to the wild version. Farmed fish is fed an unnatural diet full of antibiotics and food dyes to make the flesh look healthy.

Cauliflower salad


You’ve got to pack leafy greens into your daily diet, but if you aren’t a fan of the flavor, consider eating more cauliflower instead. It is quite mild in flavor yet delivers a serious punch of antioxidants and fiber.That’s a combo you can count on to reduce inflammation, regulate digestion, and reduce cholesterol levels.

Liver in sauce


This may be the only red meat you’ll ever hear linked with a heart-healthy diet. Liver has a surprisingly diverse nutritional profile, containing protein (of course), vitamin C, vitamin B12, copper, iron, and zinc. One serving of liver has about six grams of fat, but it’s the healthy kind that your heart loves. Liver is an balanced source of protein.



High cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease, and apples contain a ton of antioxidant polyphenols that work to keep good and bad cholesterol levels in balance. The pectin in apples actually blocks the absorption of cholesterol, while the fiber helps push it out of the body. An apple a day really is a smart choice. as it has been shown to reduce cholesterol and have also been shown to reduce cancer risk, protect your lungs, and help control appetite.


Stay young and healthy through these simple steps


Walnuts are a healthy snack that has considerable benefits for your heart as well as your brain. For starters, they contain a good deal of omega-3 fatty acids. They also have the highest levels of antioxidants of any of the commonly eaten nut, so eating them can lower cholesterol, neutralize free radicals before they can cause cell damage, and reduce inflammation. In terms of your heart, the folate, vitamin E, and fiber in walnuts all contribute to its overall health. Just remember to eat them unsalted.

Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate

And now for dessert. It’s true that candy, cakes, and cookies are high in added sugar and saturated fat, two things your heart hates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any sweetness in your life. Dark chocolate also contains flavonoids, which can offer protection against environmental toxins as well as repair cellular damage. The trick is to choose chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa and does not contain palm oil.

You can’t go wrong with any of these foods as long as you enjoy a variety and eat everything in moderation. Do that and your diet will go a long way toward protecting the health of your heart and your entire body.

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Building spiritual wellness when you find your true self

Finding yourself and your life purpose is probably the biggest discovery you could ever accomplish. There is no bigger achievement than to conquer oneself because it sets a tone for the direction of your life. A lot of life’s issues begin within and we realize that when we do the inner work. This truth awakens us to the fact that life in the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. The concept of spirituality is the most important of all and the most overlooked because most of our life experiences are projected outwardly. We, therefore, tend to see what is outside of us to be real than what takes place within.  

Finding yourself, Inner work
A woman reflects on herself from within. Image by Darius Bashar from Unsplash

Finding yourself from within

When you find yourself it means that you have taken time to know your true self from within not outward. You cannot succeed in knowing yourself if you continuously focus outward. When you seek to know thyself, you have to let go of titles, positions you occupy in society including your name or religion. You have to remember that the outward labels can work as distractions to the journey of acquiring self-knowledge. 

What is the most important fact about knowing oneself?

You get used to your own inner voice and slowly disengage from the noise of the world. As you begin to explore parts of yourself that have been neglected before you begin to embrace yourself. You may find the flaws and the faults about yourself, however, because there can only be the one you, you accept yourself anyway. When you appreciate yourself as you are, it becomes easier for you to accept others as they are

Purpose, reflecion
A reflection of oneself through the mirror is just only a physical one. Image by Darius Bashar from Unsplash

When you make peace with who you are 

Because you have made peace with who you are, the universe conspires to bring peace into your life through people, situations or events. You seize to seek assurance from the outside world because you have validated yourself through finding yourself and that is enough. These are the teachings that should be taught to people from a young age in order to 

You conquer within before you do so outside of yourself

When you are conscious of yourself, you realize how you see yourself and feel about yourself determines how life unfolds for you. You learn that the issues that are within you manifest in your physical world. You, therefore, begin to consciously choose what to think about and how you feel just about anything. By being aware of what goes on within you will help you to choose how you feel and what to think. All this requires consistent inner work, consistent reflection on the self and finding life’s purpose.

true self, direction
When you find yourself, you accept your self through inner work. Image by Giulia Bertelli

Capitalize on knowing yourself and work from that point

In order to feel in a way that matches your desired outcomes, be aware of what makes you feel good and focus on it. You should also analyze what makes you feel negative or off, and get rid of it. This is vital to know that you can master anything in life if you can master yourself first. Knowing yourself comes with doing an inner reflection on what best complements you and what does not. To be your true self requires an authentic reflection of who you are in order to conquer yourself.

A spiritual balance is important as it is a basis of everything in our lives. When our spiritual wellness is in harmony we thrive in everything we aim to accomplish including our purpose in life. There is nothing more real and more permanent than your soul as it is eternal even after the body is long gone. You best remain faithful to your soul to conquer oneself and the world when you find your purpose. As the saying goes “as within, so without, as above, so below…”