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Italy: Pandemic’s New Epicenter

As Italy’s coronavirus infections ticked above 400 cases and deaths hit the double digits, the leader of the governing Democratic Party posted a picture of himself clinking glasses for “an aperitivo in Milan,” urging people “not to change our habits.” 10 days later, as the toll hit 5,883 infections and 233 dead, the party boss, Nicola Zingaretti, posted a new video, this time informing Italy that he, too, had the virus.

Italy now has more than 53,000 recorded infections and more than 4,800 dead, and the rate of increase keeps growing, with more than half the cases and fatalities coming in the past week. On Saturday, officials reported 793 additional deaths, by far the largest single-day increase so far. Italy has surpassed China as the country with the highest death toll, becoming the epicenter of a shifting pandemic.

The government has sent in the army to enforce the lockdown in Lombardy, the northern region at the center of the outbreak, where bodies have piled up in churches . On Friday night, the authorities tightened the nationwide lockdown, closing parks, banning outdoor activities including walking or jogging far from home.

On Saturday night, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced another drastic step in response to what he called the country’s most difficult crisis since the Second World War: Italy will close its factories and all production that is not absolutely essential, an enormous economic sacrifice intended to contain the virus and protect lives.

“The state is here,” he said in an effort to reassure the public.

But the tragedy of Italy now stands as a warning to its European neighbors and the United States, where the virus is coming with equal velocity. If Italy’s experience shows anything, it is that measures to isolate affected areas and limit the movement of the broader population need to be taken early, put in place with absolute clarity, then strictly enforced.

Despite now having some of the toughest measures in the world, Italian authorities fumbled many of those steps early in the contagion — when it most mattered as they sought to preserve basic civil liberties as well as the economy.

“Now we are running after it,” said Sandra Zampa, the under secretary at the Ministry of Health, who said Italy did the best it could given the information it had. “We closed gradually, as Europe is doing. France, Spain, Germany, the U.S. are doing the same. Every day you close a bit, you give up on a bit of normal life. Because the virus does not allow normal life.”

Some officials gave in to magical thinking, reluctant to make painful decisions sooner. All the while, the virus fed on that complacency.

Governments beyond Italy are now in danger of following the same path, repeating familiar mistakes and inviting similar calamity. And unlike Italy, which navigated uncharted territory for a Western democracy, other governments have less room for excuses.

Italian officials, for their part, have defended their response, emphasizing that the crisis is unprecedented in modern times. They assert that the government responded with speed and competence, immediately acting on the advice of its scientists and moving more swiftly on drastic, economically devastating measures than their European counterparts.

But tracing the record of their actions shows missed opportunities and critical missteps. 

But not only Italy make did mistakes, almost all governments did not take this virus seriously.

Let’s not forget that the President Trump also said it’s a hoax, and this ”Hoax” in the US now has over 20k people who are infected, and their number will increase.

Article taken from msn.com

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Trump can’t deport coronavirus, which is no longer a Chinese issue

In a speech that sowed fear and confusion, US President Donald Trump announced the introduction of a travel ban for citizens of most European countries. In this, Trump described COVID-19 as a “foreign virus” and tried to blame European countries for not reacting as quickly as he claimed the US did.

But the new coronavirus is not an external problem now.

It has never been, nor could it be, in an era as globalized as it is today, writes James Palmer, senior editor at Foreign Policy. The arrival of the virus in the US was as inevitable as McDonaldis’s in Beijing over two decades ago.

When the contact chains are rebuilt, they will indicate patterns of infection within American communities, possibly long before the virus is first detected. The same thing happens worldwide.

The virus is not a Chinese or a foreign problem. It’s universal, writes Palmer.

Certainly, the number of coronavirus cases in the US is smaller than in Italy, France or Germany, despite the larger population. But US cases are growing exponentially. Far from the vision described in Trump’s speech, the Americans’ reaction is harshly criticized.

Two things make Trump’s ban particularly absurd, writes the Foreign Policy editor.

The first is the exclusion of US citizens, permanent residents and their families. From a humanitarian point of view, it is a good thing. But the viruses do not respect passports.

The second concerns the fact that it is confined to the countries of the Schengen Area, excluding Great Britain and Ireland.

The UK has far more confirmed cases than most European countries, and travel between the UK and the countries concerned is constant and frequent.

The exclusion measure can only be understood as a political measure, an attempt to attract a British prime minister whom Trump sees as an ideological ally against an EU that he openly despises, writes James Palmer.

The virus is likely to spread through the developing world as it spreads in the US. Perhaps Trump hopes to expand such measures and has targeted Europe first to defend himself against accusations of racism. But the exclusion of Europe alone has no logic.

Trump, of course, has loved such bans for a long time, even before the outbreak of the coronavirus outbreak.

Trump’s vision has always been of a Fortress America, snooping away from the dangers of the world while leading it. The president may not realize that one of the dangers that threatened the fortresses was the plague, which wreaked havoc among the populations enclosed within them, writes the Foreign Policy editor.

Article taken from zf.ro

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Nasdaq, S&P hit fresh highs on trade deal hopes, Amazon boost

Reuters: Traders returned from the Christmas break to Beijing’s reaffirmation that it was in close contact with Washington about the initial trade agreement, which is widely expected to be signed in early January.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday confirmed the pact would be formalized at a signing ceremony, but did not disclose a date or location.

Hopes of a breakthrough in the prolonged trade war, combined with a loose monetary policy and robust domestic data, have powered U.S. stocks to record highs in the past few weeks.

The S&P 500, which has touched all-time intraday highs in two out of three sessions this week alone, is about one percentage point short of its best year since 1997.
The Nasdaq was on track for an 11 session winning streak.

Festive Wall St. set to stay near record levels on trade deal hopes

(Reuters) – U.S. stock indexes were set to open near record highs on Thursday and the S&P 500 was on course for its best year since 2013 on optimism over an imminent U.S.-China trade deal.

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Apple hits an all-time high as China and the US reach trade deal

With the agreement between the US and China, Apple has narrowly avoided a 15% tariff that would’ve been applied to some of its most popular products had a scheduled round of tariffs gone into effect on December 15.

That would’ve hiked the prices of some of Apple’s flagship products. The price of the iPhone could’ve gone up as much as $150, according to Daniel Ives of Wedbush, which would’ve lowered demand for the product by as much as 8%. The iPad and MacBook would also have been subject to price increases.

Apple had been pushing back against the potential tariffs. In November, the company filed requests to be excluded from the December 15 round of tariffs, according to Bloomberg. Even President Trump said that he was looking into whether or not Apple should be exempt from the tax during a November visit to Apple’s Texas facility.

The company has a majority of its supply chain in China, including a main iPhone assembly plant in Zhengzhou that is responsible for producing half of the iPhones in the world.

If the increase in Apple’s stock price holds through the end of trading Friday, it will mark a four-day streak of gains for the company. Earlier in the week, Apple was unseated as the world’s most valuable company when its roughly $1.2 trillion market valuation was beaten by Saudi Aramco, which now has a market capitalization of more than $2 trillion.

Apple hits an all-time high as China and the US reach a phase one trade deal

Shares of Apple rose as much as 1.3% Friday to a fresh all-time record as China and the US reach a phase one trade deal that includes some tariff relief. With the agreement between the US and China, Apple has narrowly avoided a 15% tariff that would’ve been applied to some of its most popular products had a scheduled round of tariffs gone into effect on December 15.

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The Supreme Approach for Finance

Finance Ideas

No investor should purchase the shares solely on the grounds of the declaration of benefit shares if you are not unsure regarding the corporation’s basic rise and income development. Investments are not FDIC insured and might shed value. Your investment ought to be defined by your degree of danger threshold. Mutual fund investments are a great place to begin. Finance is a field that addresses the study of investments. Finance is the procedure of moving money to when and where folks need it.

National banks are getting ready for a difficult competition with international banks. Just go through everything spent money on every month and identify where you could earn a saving. Now think about each region and work out what you could do in order to spend less. It’s very significant to reside within our earnings. In most instances, the interest you’re gaining on your money is insufficient to keep up with the rate of inflation in many nations. If you’re professional having interest in insurance sector, it’s an excellent option to pursue in depth path of insurance administration.

All About Finance

You need to be organized to earn a very good finance planner of yourself. As an issue of fact, our Investment Calculator is just a rebranding of the Finance Calculator whilst everything underneath the hood is basically exactly the same. Our web-based financial calculator can function as an excellent tool to get during lectures or homework and since it’s web-based, it’s never out of reach, provided that a smartphone is nearby.

Budget and planning

What You Don’t Know About Finance

Normal money managers receive a proportion of the assets. Project management can enable the manufacturers to generate much better products to shorten the time and money. Financial planning in the current financial climate is obviously very important, having the ability to know where and how your hard-won money is used, and also getting something or profiting from the transactions made out of your money can steadily help the economy pick itself up from the near-tragedy that has become the worldwide financial crisis. It helps in defining financial goals, setting objectives and developing a plan to achieve them.

Accordingly, long range financial planning gets essential for a business that wants to grow. You will need to create a business program that will steer you on how you’ll prepare the business, to operate, to advertise and even how you mean to earn profit.

As businesses become established, finance comes from different sources. They obtain financing through a variety of means, ranging from equity investments to credit arrangements. When you would like to begin a business it’s important that you strategize on how you mean to do it. In the event the company sustains itself through debt or other means, the provider isn’t sustainable.

In order to provide gratuity shares to the investors, the organization holds a part of its profits in the reserve capitals through the years. It was incorporated in 1980 and is headquartered in Torrance, California. An accountable bookkeeping company always comply with an expert approach when managing the clients.

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Trump Organization thinking to a possible sale of the D.C. hotel lease

President Trump’s company is considering selling the lease of its D.C. hotel, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

The people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss plans they were not permitted to make public, said the Trump Organization had hired the firm JLL to market the project.

Trump’s Washington hotel has been a center of controversy since he entered office. Trump continues to own his business, which operates properties including the hotel, leading to charges of conflict of interest. Several lawsuits have alleged that Trump is violating the Constitution’s ban on “emoluments,” or payments by foreign governments, when foreign government officials visit the hotel.

The company leases the building, the Old Post Office Pavilion, from the federal government’s General Services Administration (GSA), but the terms allow for the sale of the lease under certain conditions.

The Trump Organization did not immediately respond to requests for comment. The Wall Street Journal first reported the possible sale. Trump’s son Eric Trump told the newspaper, “People are objecting to us making so much money on the hotel, and therefore we may be willing to sell.” 

The president recently referred to the issue of whether foreign spending at the hotel violates the Constitution as “the phony emoluments clause.” His statement was part of a discussion about his decision to hold the 2020 Group of Seven summit of world leaders at his Trump National Doral Miami golf resort in Florida. Days after announcing that plan, the White House reversed course, after criticism from across the political spectrum.

Opening weeks before Trump won the 2016 election, the hotel has become a popular place for customers and clients aligned with the president’s politics and a go-to place for Republican campaigns to hold fundraisers, Christian groups to hold conventions and conservative authors to host book parties. Members of Trump’s Cabinet have often been spotted there, and Trump has visited there 23 times as president, according to the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. 

But the property has also suffered from the unwillingness of many mainstream corporations, embassies and associations to book business there, narrowing the pool of candidates to fill the hotel’s massive ballroom and its 263 guest rooms.

The hotel’s dealings with foreign governments have led to multiple lawsuits, congressional inquiries and investigations. In three lawsuits winding their way through the federal court system, plaintiffs argue that Trump is violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which bars the president from accepting gifts or payments from foreign governments.

Plaintiffs in the cases repeatedly cite instances in which government officials — from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and other nations — have booked business at the hotel. The judge in one case, in which the D.C. and Maryland attorneys general sued the president, narrowed the arguments strictly to Trump’s D.C. hotel. 

Justice Department attorneys have argued in court that the president cannot be charged with a crime while in office and that the president does not violate the Constitution by charging market rates to foreign governments. The Trump Organization has also donated money to the U.S. Treasury each of the past two years, money it says equates to the amount of profits it has received from foreign governments and political leaders.

House Democrats have recently gotten more aggressive about looking into the hotel project. The House committee that oversees the GSA issued a subpoena Thursday to the agency for financial records, legal memos and correspondence related to the project, including material relating to any communications between the GSA and Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump or Eric Trump.

A report earlier this year from the GSA’s inspector general said the agency “improperly” ignored constitutional concerns in managing the project.

A GSA spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Agency officials have said in the past that they have provided thousands of documents to the committee and that it is up to the courts to determine whether any emoluments violations have taken place.

Donald Trump signed the lease in 2013, two years before running for president. When the GSA offered the building to the private sector, a who’s who of top developers and hotel brands pursued the deal. Ten bidders submitted proposals, including Hilton, Park Hyatt and Montage Hotels and Resorts. The Trump Organization beat them out largely by offering to spend $200 million to renovate the building — far more than some other bidders were willing to offer.

Ivanka Trump, then an executive at her father’s real estate company and now a senior adviser to him in the White House, so coveted the building that she suggested to GSA officials that her daughter, Arabella Rose, then not yet 5 months old, would one day oversee it.

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Michael Jackson’s ‘Neverland’ Relists for $31 Million

Days before the documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’ hits the airwaves, the California property of the late pop star seeks a fraction of its original 2015 asking price.

The onetime “Neverland” ranch of the late pop star Michael Jackson is returning to the market for $31 million, a dramatic discount from its original asking price of $100 million in 2015.

It is the latest development in the yearslong effort to sell the property. In 2017, after nearly two years on the market at the $100 million price tag, the property switched listing agents to Beverly Hills, Calif.-based Joyce Rey of Coldwell Banker, and the price was slashed to $67 million. A few months later it was taken off the market. It is now being relisted at the $31 million price with Suzanne Perkins of Compass, who was one of the original listing agents from the property’s first go on the market in 2015.

Ms. Perkins said the property failed to sell in part because “a price tag of $100 million is not chump change.” Plus the property didn’t show well because of the drought affecting California at the time, said Kyle Forsyth, a colleague of Ms. Perkins who shares the listing.

The property was also held off the market because of the mudslides and wildfires that afflicted the Santa Barbara, Calif. area. “Everyone pulled back for about a year in general,” Mr. Forsyth said, but now “it’s the right time.”

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3 Ways To Make Money From Working At Home With Coastal Vacations And A Blog

Three popular ideas today, and not particularly in this order, are: working from home, running a travel business and blogging on the Internet. It’s no secret that as computers and the Internet grow in popularity, so do the numbers of people who leave their jobs daily round the world to work from home. And it’s also no secret that the travel industry is among those industries earning big bucks, as referenced by Coastal Vacation and others in the trillions of dollars category earners. Plus it’s no secret that blogging is a blockbuster idea, a new concept that took off at the end of the 1990’s.

But look out when you combine all three of these big ideas together. They can sure pack a powerful punch! And here are three ways to turn this punch into profits…

1. Working at home, Coastal Vacation and blogging are all easy to do, quick to set up. No excuses. Just set up – and start selling!

There is no huge learning curve with any of these ideas. You’re probably already online reading this, and at home, so hook up a blog in a jiff at a cheap place like http://GoDaddy.com for roughly $2.99 per month, unless you know how to set up and maintain a WordPress blog on your own hosting. Learn more about Coastal Vacations and ask how to get started with your own package, even if you go in on one with others in your family or other friends, etc. And voila, you’re up and running!

2. Working at home, Coastal Vacation and blogging are all authentic. Get your ducks in a row, then start selling, start earning.

Who hasn’t had enough with hype, cheap products and services, and down right junk? Well you get none of that with this powerful trio. With more and more people working from home today than ever before, at-home status is no longer taboo in the business world. People have earned the right to work from home, even many trusted travel agents and sales representatives who earn a good living online from home posting to their blogs with helpful articles, full color product brochures, multi-media files like movies and more. Add your authentic materials and other info to your blog; testimonials, product info, personal bio, multi-media files, etc. and stand out from the crowd.

3. Working at home, Coastal Vacation and blogging can all be marketed many ways as one solid package chock-full of benefits to make you more money. Use any number of these ways – and more – and start selling, start earning:

-With e-mail marketing. Send out brief e-mail messages to friends, prospects and website visitors with teasers or email sigs (signatures) that link to your blog.

-With autoresponder series and a subscription to your blog. Invite people to subscribe to your blog and to autoresponder messages about your products and services so they’ll learn more and become customers, referring their friends and family, too.

-With surveys, RSS feeds and comments. Invite interaction by submitting your blog’s RSS feeds to RSS directories, and through surveys on your blog. Invite comments on blog posts, too.

So give this powerful trio a try. Working at home, Coastal Vacation and blogging can help you with a powerful option to get ahead today.

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How to Play US Mega Millions

To play Mega Millions and have a chance at winning:

  • Choose 5 numbers from a pool of 70
  • Pick 1 Mega Ball in the range from 1 to 25

To win the jackpot, you need to match the 5 Mega Millions numbers and the Mega Ball for the particular draw. The minimum guaranteed jackpot is 40 million and it grows by a minimum of 5 million dollars each time the jackpot rolls.

To win any of US Mega Millions secondary prizes, check the prize breakdown below.

US Mega Millions – Prize Breakdown

The winning combinations and the prize amounts for US Mega Millions include the following:

Numbers MatchedPrize
5 + Bonus BallJackpot
4 + Bonus Ball$10,000
3 + Bonus Ball$200
2 + Bonus Ball$10
1 + Bonus Ball$4
Bonus Ball Only$2

People that earn the jackpot can choose a lump sum payment (minus taxes) or annual payments during 29 years. Each next payment will be 5% bigger than the previous one.

The 2nd prize is one million dollars paid in cash only.

You win by matching at least 3 numbers. Any time you match the Mega Ball number, you win a prize.

All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date.

If there is no jackpot winner, the jackpot rolls over to the next Mega Ball draw.

Interesting Facts about the US Mega Millions

1. Originally, Mega Millions carried another name – the Big Game. It was launched back in 1996, and the name change occurred in 2002.

2. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot currently is $1.537 billion. It was won by one ticket on October 23, 2018. The luckiest Mega Millions ticket ever was sold in South Carolina.

3. The second largest jackpot is 656 million dollars. There were three lucky winners that split the humongous amounts. The winning tickets were bought in Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland.

4. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot that has been won by only one individual is 265 million dollars. It was handed out on February 24, 2015, and the winning numbers included 26, 32, 44, 45 and 58 + Mega Ball 11.

5. As surprising as it may seem, approximately one billion dollars in Mega Million earnings have never been claimed. Even an individual ticket that won 99 million dollars has remained unclaimed.

6. On Tuesday 31 October 2017 the Mega Millions game changed its rules. The ticket cost doubled, jackpots became bigger, and the odds of winning the 2nd tier prize of $1 million became better. 

Latest US Mega Millions Results

The US Mega Millions draws take place every week on:

  • Tuesday, 11pm Eastern Time
  • Friday, 11pm Eastern Time

Ticket sales for the draw close at 10:45pm on the days of the drawings.

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