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Building spiritual wellness when you find your true self




Finding yourself and your life purpose is probably the biggest discovery you could ever accomplish. There is no bigger achievement than to conquer oneself because it sets a tone for the direction of your life. A lot of life’s issues begin within and we realize that when we do the inner work. This truth awakens us to the fact that life in the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. The concept of spirituality is the most important of all and the most overlooked because most of our life experiences are projected outwardly. We, therefore, tend to see what is outside of us to be real than what takes place within.  

Finding yourself, Inner work
A woman reflects on herself from within. Image by Darius Bashar from Unsplash

Finding yourself from within

When you find yourself it means that you have taken time to know your true self from within not outward. You cannot succeed in knowing yourself if you continuously focus outward. When you seek to know thyself, you have to let go of titles, positions you occupy in society including your name or religion. You have to remember that the outward labels can work as distractions to the journey of acquiring self-knowledge. 

What is the most important fact about knowing oneself?

You get used to your own inner voice and slowly disengage from the noise of the world. As you begin to explore parts of yourself that have been neglected before you begin to embrace yourself. You may find the flaws and the faults about yourself, however, because there can only be the one you, you accept yourself anyway. When you appreciate yourself as you are, it becomes easier for you to accept others as they are

Purpose, reflecion
A reflection of oneself through the mirror is just only a physical one. Image by Darius Bashar from Unsplash

When you make peace with who you are

Because you have made peace with who you are, the universe conspires to bring peace into your life through people, situations or events. You seize to seek assurance from the outside world because you have validated yourself through finding yourself and that is enough. These are the teachings that should be taught to people from a young age in order to 

You conquer within before you do so outside of yourself

When you are conscious of yourself, you realize how you see yourself and feel about yourself determines how life unfolds for you. You learn that the issues that are within you manifest in your physical world. You, therefore, begin to consciously choose what to think about and how you feel just about anything. By being aware of what goes on within you will help you to choose how you feel and what to think. All this requires consistent inner work, consistent reflection on the self and finding life’s purpose.

true self, direction
When you find yourself, you accept your self through inner work. Image by Giulia Bertelli

Capitalize on knowing yourself and work from that point

In order to feel in a way that matches your desired outcomes, be aware of what makes you feel good and focus on it. You should also analyze what makes you feel negative or off, and get rid of it. This is vital to know that you can master anything in life if you can master yourself first. Knowing yourself comes with doing an inner reflection on what best complements you and what does not. To be your true self requires an authentic reflection of who you are in order to conquer yourself.

A spiritual balance is important as it is a basis of everything in our lives. When our spiritual wellness is in harmony we thrive in everything we aim to accomplish including our purpose in life. There is nothing more real and more permanent than your soul as it is eternal even after the body is long gone. You best remain faithful to your soul to conquer oneself and the world when you find your purpose. As the saying goes “as within, so without, as above, so below…”



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