Additional Information

Additional Information: to provide the Services, Muvison uses your personal information for the following purposes in accordance with this Privacy Policy:

• to provide the Services to you and to allow you to transmit your user-generated content to other Muvison users;
• to verify your identity;
• to allow you to use your account on multiple devices and transfer your account to another device;
• to help you find people you know that already are Muvison users so that you can connect using Muvison and allow other Muvison users to connect with you;
• to monitor, detect and deter unauthorized or fraudulent use of, or abuse of, the Services;
• to monitor, detect and deter unlawful, immoral, offensive, blasphemous or undesirable content posted to, or via, the Services;
• to improve and/or optimize the Services;
• to enable us to provide customer support, and to respond effectively to your inquiries and claims;
• to conduct user surveys;
• to provide you with information regarding the Services;
• to measure the effectiveness of advertisements that we place on the Internet or in other media;
• to notify you of any other important information regarding the Services, if necessary;
• to identify winners of promotional contests, to send gifts to those winners, and to deliver purchased products and services;
• to aggregate anonymized statistical data regarding the Services;
• to comply with applicable laws or legal obligations; and
• we also process your personal information for the other purposes set out in Muvison Privacy Policy.