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A financially reasonable Vacation in Phuket is easy to achieve!




Travelling on a shoestring has never been easier these days especially with the availability of cheap airline flights. You can spend moderately on your airline ticket so that you’ve got more to spend on your actual vacation to the island destination of Phuket. A travel guide would be ideal to have in order to optimize your experience on the island by providing you with the necessary travel info. With that, allow us to share a few travel tips on possibly the one cheap trip you’ll ever embark on.

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Ocean view from the bush. Photo from UnSplash

Cheap airline flights from O.R. international airport in Johannesburg, South Africa would cost roughly around $ 608, 29 and that also being a return airline ticket should do quite easy on your purse. When you arrive at this wonderful island, be sure to find an affordable travel guide that will provide you with a low cost tour of this incredible island destination – while also ensuring you that you enjoy an array of choices in terms of attractions to visit. This has to be done by a person who is employed by a credible and well known tour company that specializes in travel info to tourists.

This relatively cheap trip will encompass sufficiently everything from the island’s Old Town, notable temples, cabaret shows and a neighbouring destination such as the famous Phi Phi islands. Phi Phi islands are roughly 50 minutes from Phuket by speedboats. The islands comprise of 2 little islands: Phi Don and Phi Leh. Your travel guide should most definitely take you on a relatively cheap trip to these majestic islands via a ferry boat. The scenery you will encounter on the journey will be the highlight of your vacation.

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The Phi Phi Islands. Image from unSplash

Here are a few travel tips on how to make the most of your vacation there on a minimal budget:

This rundown of travel tips for setting aside cash in Phuket shows the least expensive options when finding a place to stay temporarily while you’re there, getting around, eating, shopping, etc.

  • Eat street food or at local restaurants
  • Lease a motorbike or take a bus
  • Withdraw sufficient amounts of cash to carry you through
  • Your vacation should be during the low season. This is between May and November
  • Always keep your eyes peeled for scams
  • The best travel info you’ll ever receive is that, staying at least-known places at a popular attraction saves you money. You spend less on everything and remain within your limits.
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Eat Street food or at a local restaurant. Image from unSplash

Finding cheap airline flights is like combing through a haystack to find a needle. Therefore you’ve got nothing to worry about because your airline ticket is a return ticket back home. You’re sorted!


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