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A fashion accessory is not just one of those fashion trends, it leaves an acute statement.

Fashion trends come and go but fashion accessories are a classic whether, in high or street fashion, without one, a fashion style seems tasteless. Take a walk to your nearest fashion boutique either on men’s fashion or women’s fashion, accessories are any garment’s best friend.

Imagine having to wear a jean without your favorite brown belt. Wearing your favorite white balloon sleeved broderie anglaise top without having to add a little sparkle of gold jewelry to complete your summer look. Imagine summer itself, without having to wear any sunglasses – that doesn’t sound like summer at all. 

Fashion accessory, fashion boutique
Fashion accessories that make a statement: Image from Unsplash

Any fashion style with accessories generally has both a functional and an aesthetic purpose, and for that duality, we are very grateful! Whether you are conscious of fashion trends or not, a fashion accessory always makes you trendy.

Now here are five reasons why accessories are essential to an outfit:

It is Fun to Accessorize: Playing around with a variety of necklaces and earrings and matching them up with your outfit of the day can add flavor to your fashion style. A bland outfit can go from zero to one-hundred real quick! One tip though, do not commit a fashion faux pas by over-accessorizing. Like Chanel once said, “take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house and that should do it”.

Creates Different Looks: One outfit can be accessorized to create a multitude of other outfits. The important thing to remember is to stock up on basics which you can simply just accessorize to create the look that you want.

Enhance your Personality: Michael Kors once said, “Accessories are an exclamation to a woman’s outfit”. Accessories are a further creative mechanism through which you can express your love for clothes

Saving Money and Time: Accessories are relatively cheap to buy. They are not like clothes where you even have to consider how many of them to buy. There’s really no limit to the number of accessories to haul. You can get them in whatever style, design or fashion brand and without giving thought to whether they would suit you at all. Thus saving you valued time.

The Unique Look: The thing about jewelry is that it can distinguish you from a crowd of people. You could all be wearing similar clothes from the same fashion brand but the one who takes the crown is one who is most beautifully adorned with jewelry and this applies either in high or street fashion.

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