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5 ways to make your outfit look more expensive




From buying the right bag to choosing timeless colors like black and white, can make all the difference. Additionally, things like having a shirt and pants tailored can elevate your look for the better – while not forgetting to throw in a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. Looking rich has never been easier!

Buy more tailored pieces!

tailored, expensive
Tailor your clothes to accentuate your curves. Image by Azmat Zhanisov from Unsplash

The cut of a trouser leg is a detail that regularly gets disregarded however it can have a significant effect on the shape of your trousers. Everybody’s bodies are formed in a unique way, so now and then it can become difficult to find jeans that can fit you splendidly. That is exactly when you need to have them tailored.

Wear monochromatic colors!

outfit, shirt
Wear colors from the same color family. Image by Marcus Loke from Unsplash

Regardless of whether wearing all black, or all white everything — making a completely monochromatic look is an effortless and compelling approach to make your outfit look progressively expensive. Decide on various tones within a similar color family or pick a royal blue and black, or black and brown blend. It is a luxurious way of color blending that will never go out of style.

Invest in a quality structured bag!

bag, sunglasses
Get yourself a little structured bag for the ultimate statement piece in your outfit.
Image by Irene Kredenets from Unsplash

Regardless of whether it is enormous or it is just a little bag, there is nothing more costly looking than a structured bag. They are chic and perennial. No matter what outfit you pair it with, a structured bag very quickly makes everything slightly more spruced up. It just naturally offers the advantage of making things feel more expensive.

Add some necessary accessories and keep it minimal!

jewellery, accessories
Add some delicate jewelry for a chic look. Image by Holyoake from Unsplash

Sunglasses are perhaps one of the most effortless ways to transform an outfit. The shape and size you pick can make an outfit polished and lovelier looking. Sunglasses can be meticulously arranged in such a way that they go well with the rest of your outfit. This will also add a feeling of direction to your outfit.

Layering basic, delicate jewelry is a simple method to add sophistication to any outfit to make it look immediately expensive. Regardless of whether it is simply costume jewelry, a delicate chain or smooth pair of hoops simply feels extravagant.

You can never go wrong with a button-down shirt!

black, white
A button-down shirt is exceptionally versatile. Image by Ksenia Varapaeva from Unsplash

A white button-down shirt is exceptionally versatile. This formal-looking shirt, whether with a little detail or no detail at all, can quickly make an outfit look expensive. One thing you need to remember when wearing a white button-down shirt is to ensure it is steamed or pressed. This will also make the shirt look like it is of high quality.


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