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How to stay healthy without breaking the bank: 5 Simple Steps




Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, someone says. But how to stay healthy and full of energy in the COVID era?

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body, someone says.  A sound mind and body are an essential part of fulfilled living. In fact to lead a longer life staying fit is a necessity to be reckoned with. This health guide gives useful tips to maintain fitness without bothering your wallet.

Follow the simple steps below and you will definitely feel more energetic every day.

Sleep enough hours for a sound mind and body

Mind and Body, Fulfilled healthy life
An average healthy adult sleeps eight hours every 24 hours. Image by Benjamin Voros from Unsplash

The mind and body function more like a technological device that needs to be restarted or refreshed. Sleep is not just for rest, it reduces stress and inflammation, keeps the heartbeat at a normal rate, and many more.

When you sleep adequate hours, you keep the body’s cells refreshed which forms an essential part of a balanced body. An average adult should sleep for at least 7 hours in 24 hours.

Run or walk often outside – breath in fresh air

You know what they say about running! Hey, it is said that the mask is mandatory  (I told you that it is a trend from the COVID era) but run without a mask, it is healthier, what a god! I don’t know and I didn’t try to run with the mask, but if I did it for sure I would run to the hospital.

Running it maintains proper blood circulation and a high level of fitness. If you cannot run then walk, just keep your body active. Running outside means your body gets to take in natural fresh air which is a necessity for a ventilated body.

A ventilated body helps refresh internal organs by reducing the carbon dioxide in the body and letting the oxygen fill the body. Oxygen is a basic gas that human bodies thrive on, take it in every day just as your daily food. 

Feed your body at a cellular level

health guide, useful tips, diet
You are what you want to be. Be healthy! Image by Brenda Godinez from Unsplash


Everything we will ever need is in nature. A healthy diet is a natural food and that is all there is to it. It does not only keep you away from doctors and hospitals, but it also elevates your energy levels, it is good for your brain and spirit. Ever heard of a vibrational frequency? Your natural state of being should be a high vibrational frequency to live a fulfilled life. If you do not vibrate higher it means you’re not fit, leaving you susceptible to diseases that deny you an opportunity for longer life.

By vibrating lower in health, it means you are not fit, slowly getting ill, or are already sick. Processed foods, GMO foods and anything that you cannot imagine growing from the soil will send you to the grave sooner than expected. Cancer is another term for damaged cells. Cells get damaged when they are not fed natural foods or foods that are toxic. 

Negative Thoughts Affect Your Well-Being

Healthy women, Fulfilled, Longer life
A healthy woman smiles while in the wild. Image from Unsplash


Like it or not, you cannot separate yourself from how you feel – but you sure can separate yourself from your thoughts. Be mindful of how you feel throughout the day and notice what brings about those feelings. Avoid situations or things that negatively affect your sense of well-being.

Our default feelings should be good 24/7 but it is not normal to feel the opposite.

Watch your thoughts as they directly impact how you feel. Learn to watch your thoughts come and go without letting them be a part of you. Depression, anxiety disorders, and other mental-related diseases are caused by dwelling on unpleasant thoughts, particularly negative ones. You do not own the problems of this world.

Take life easy, learn to observe, and not 6 react to everything there is out there. Love yourself a little more. 

To Stay Healthy Drink alkaline water – Avoid acidic drinks

Healthy, fitness, water
The healthy body resonates with alkaline water. Water is the key to life Image from Unsplash


Our bodies are 80% liquid meaning that what we put in forms part of that percentage and any authentic health guide should advise that any liquid absorbed by your body should be alkaline.

Most of the water we consume or have access to contains fluoride, an acidic substance used to purify the water with negative side effects to the body. Fluoride slows down the brain and also weakens cells causing diseases such as high blood pressure, weak immune system, and other illnesses. 

Important: Keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle starts with self-awareness, self-care, and eventually working on improving these two. You do not need to get your pockets dry to cultivate a healthy lifestyle. It is through simple acts and you are there. 


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