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Types of Hotels in Tokyo for Holidays in 2022

Types of Hotels in Tokyo

Types of Hotels in Tokyo: The vibrancy of the Tokyo metropolis is probably the most captivating facet of this high-tech city. It’s where the fusion of contemporary technology and the past’s traditions go hand in hand with its everyday activities, creating a unique atmosphere and a completely different encounter for every visitor.

One minute a traveler strolls on its dynamic shopper community amidst the hectic lifestyle of the city, the next minute, one can savor the soothing calmness in some of its most breathtaking gardens.

Tokyo is indeed one of the most visited places in the world, not only for its very modern city, but for everything that comes with it, including an energetic nightlife, scrumptious gastronomy within its thousands of restaurants, excellent futuristic places for shopping, remarkable attractions, and of course great choices for accommodations.

Travelers can find various types of hotels in Tokyo, thousands, in fact, ranging from the very expensive to the cheaper ones. Hotels in Tokyo are scattered throughout the city, and lodging will never be a problem. A combination of some of the high-end hotels in Tokyo and the low-end hotels as well can be seen almost anywhere.

A lot of hotels that are Western-style, specifically those associated with hotel chains in the US, have staff that speaks English, so you don’t have to worry about not being understood. There are different types of hotels in Tokyo and that includes:

types of hotels in tokyo
Capsule Hotels in Tokyo

Budget Hotels

These types of hotels in Tokyo are found in the Taito vicinity, particularly Ueno and Asakusa. Some hostels are also situated within that area; however, if being off-centered doesn’t matter to you, then other budget hotels can be found in the surrounding areas like Yokohama, and others.

Generally, the cheapest alternatives are capsule hotels; however, they are rather unenthusiastic of playing host to foreigners because of a relatively small number of behavioral rules which is somewhat hard to elucidate. Nearly the majority of capsule hotels are for “men only”.

hotels in Tokyo
Hotel room in Tokyo

Mid-Range Hotels

Watch out for something called a “business hotel”; rooms are typically tiny, however, they are suitably situated near stations. These are ideal choices for travelers who are on solo. Reasonably priced hotel chains can be found throughout the city and these include Tokyu Stay, and ryokans (Japanese inns).

hotel room in Tokyo
Luxury hotel room in Tokyo

Splurge hotels

These are the best alternatives if you want to extravagantly spend on lodgings, which include international high-end hotels and luxury hotels that are mostly found in western Shinjuku and Akasaka.

These diverse types of hotels in Tokyo are a part of what makes Tokyo an exhilarating and exceptional experience.


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