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Do We Have The Right To Express Ourselves?

How to Express Ourselves when there no doubt We have Right

Why has it become forbidden to talk about COVID anti-vaccination?

Right To Express Ourselves. If you express the idea that you are against vaccination, you wake up with all your social media and youtube accounts banned. Is it due to free speech or does the idea of being an anti-vaccine bother someone there?

Free speech is not an instigation!

It is the right to speak freely and uncensored, as I did before the COVID era. Even some governments have taken a stand on the global idea that COVID vaccination is mandatory. The subject of compulsory immunization is approached differently in European countries.

Youtube has started banning accounts that post anti-vaccination videos

Right To Express Ourselves. YouTube is cracking down on vaccine misinformation. The company is taking down anti-vaccine videos and banning major accounts. In a statement, YouTube said, “We’ve steadily seen false claims about the coronavirus vaccines spill over into misinformation about vaccines in general.”

Cons the Obliagtion to Vaccinate

The example is Germany, where German Chief Executive Angela Merkel has said that coronavirus vaccination will not become mandatory in Germany.

Shortly after some European countries announced the need for vaccination to stop the spread of coronavirus, Germany took a stand. Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed:

“We do not intend to follow the path proposed by France. We have said that there will be no obligation to vaccinate.”

A statement meant to calm the spirits in the country. In addition, it would not be so simple to force the Germans to be vaccinated against coronavirus. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is against compulsory vaccination and In Germany, the right to bodily integrity is guaranteed by the Constitution.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there are no plans for a nationwide compulsory coronavirus vaccination,

Note: I wonder after German Chancellor Angela Merkel made this statement, her social media accounts have been banned?

Pro the Obligation to Vaccinate

President Emmanuel Macron addressed the French in a televised speech, trying to boost the vaccination campaign in France. The announced measures primarily targeted health care employees. If hospital workers and nursing homes are not vaccinated, they risk losing their jobs.

The French president also said that unimmunized people will face restrictions.
The Paris government reacted with these measures to the spread of infections with the highly contagious Delta strain of SARS-CoV-2. Only 39 percent of French people have so far been completely vaccinated against Covid.

President Macron’s announcement took the world to the streets and sparked division and discrimination. It is known that street fights took place between the two camps, vaccinated and unvaccinated.

anti covi pass
In the streets of Toulouse, France, protest against Covid-19 health passes

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis also urged his countrymen earlier this week: “Because of the attitude of some, we will not close the country again.” Across the country, Greeks will not be able to enter a venue or cultural institution unless they are vaccinated against coronavirus.

Healthcare workers and nursing homes run the risk of losing their jobs if they are not immunized. The protests against the announcement by the Greek authorities were quite fragile. Probably because the situation becomes critical. Experts believe that the evolution is due to the reopening of nightlife and parties organized by young people.

Neutral to the Obligation to Vaccinate

The masses of fans who took their seats at London’s Wembley Stadium during the EURO 2020 football championship have generated much criticism around the world. The British government, however, is oscillating in its decisions.

On the one hand, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the population to be more cautious and responsible. A few weeks ago, Johnson’s cabinet announced the obligation to vaccinate staff in nursing homes – including hairdressers and other caregivers who work in such homes as well.

On the other hand, the British Prime Minister allowed, under strong public pressure, the lifting of restrictions and the reopening of public life. As of July 19, almost all restrictions still in force have been lifted.

GOP Senator Calls Biden Vaccine Mandate A ‘Disregard For American Freedom’


We are free to express ourselves, to tell each other, and to express our ideas. The very fact that we cannot agree with the principles and ideas of others makes us unique. We are unique because we have different ideas and opinions.

We have to stay that way because we are human! We are not the sheep that follow a shepherd.



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