Lil Nas X : Do you think Everyone Knows Who He Is ?


Lil Nas X with his real name Montero Lamar Hil is an American rapper.
(Wikipedia helped me find out who she is) Do you think everyone knows who she is?

Omg, man, who the hell is this, I thought.

I searched to find out more and I came across the news from CNN.

“I wanted to be even more authentic in my music and let people into my life. I’m much more confident now — in my music, myself, my sexuality, the things that I believe that I stand for.” That was Lil Nas X in a recent interview with Variety, laying plain his personal growth over the months and years leading up to the release of his highly anticipated debut studio album, “Montero,” out on Friday.

Lil Nas X is confident, without a doubt.

In a music landscape where lyrics of overt queer intimacy remain a rarity, he sings defiantly and playfully into that stillness: “If Eve ain’t in your garden, you know that you can / Call me when you want, call me when you need,” he teases on his No. 1, “Montero (Call Me by Your Name).” Through his chart-topping songs, he explores tropes — longing, dreams, and dreaminess, escape — in an explicit manner, embracing his desires as a gay Black man. He argues for his existence in an industry where some continue to dismiss and threaten him.

Lil Nas X takes his work beyond imagining a better world; he puts effort into making it a reality.
When he released “Industry Baby,” Lil Nas X announced the Bail X Fund, his partnership with The Bail Project, a nonprofit that works to end cash bail, a system that disproportionately disadvantages Black people and LGBTQ people.
“Music is the way I fight for liberation. It’s my act of resistance. But I also know that true freedom requires real change in how the criminal justice system works. Starting with cash bail,” he explained in a statement. “This isn’t just theoretical for me. It’s personal. I know the pain that incarceration brings to a family. … Ending cash bail is one of the most important civil rights issues of our time.”
Thanks CNN  for your detailed News. Now I know who Lil Nas XYZ is.


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