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Carla’s Dreams – Sub Pielea Mea

Carla’s Dreams is a Moldovan musical project. Starting in 2012, the band is an anonymous group of singers and composers who sing in Romanian, English, and Russian. Carla’s Dreams combines several musical styles, including hip hop, jazz, rock and pop.

“StarHit” talked with the performers of the hit Sub Pielea Mea. The hallmark of the team is that all members of the group perform with painted faces, and dark glasses and a hoodie. Fans don’t even know the names and exact number of participants, Carla’s Dreams.

Carla’s Dreams – Sub Pielea Mea

Song of the Moldovan band Carla’s Dreams Sub Pielea Mea became a hit this summer. Song and clip for several weeks kept in the top of various charts. But the participants try to stay away from the public eye at the concerts they perform with painted faces, sunglasses and tense on the forehead of the hood. In the Network there is no information about the personal life of the participants and even their names. “StarHit” met with the lead singer of the musical group, to learn more about the group, which so thoroughly encloses itself from the public.

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